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Re: "Are 1 Million Children Dying in Iraq?"

Every day children are dying in Iraq as a result of the lack of medicins, health care and
I've seen a documentary on (Belgian) television about this matter.
At the Saddam hospital in Bagdad you could see strong images of children who are suffering from
their disseases.  Maybe showing this images is more efficient than all political efforts from Iraq
towards the U.N. to stop the sanctions (?)
Spreading this images all over Iraq means that the west is the eavel power for a lot of people who
are living there.
Children with leukaemia and various cancers ... the west is responsible for that but should we
believe what Saddam says that because of the sanctions there is no possibility to give the
children a good, welladjusted treatment?  It can be a cynical move from him too (?)
Anyway,the misery is a reality there.  

In interviews whith Iraqi people, the west is always the evil and for sure when they talk about
sanctions or healthproblems. But nobody talks about the fact that they are manipulated.
Someone said that Saddam is a 'strugler, fighter and thinker'.  He's the leader of the Islamic
world, a socialist .... 
All the people say that they are behind Saddam and that they support him, they even say that they
can talk openly (wich is a big lie).

People were asking questions all the time why the British gouvernment is bombing them every day. 
I think they feel let down by the west and not really suffering under the regime of Saddam but
mostly they suffer the sanctions and they are very angry on the west.  Wich (I think) we all can

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