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Myths and Legends

I arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday to find the rumour mill working at
full strength. The office driver who picked me up from the airport was
certain that the Israelis were behind the World Trade Centre attack on
account of the 4,000 missing from work that day. Others are convinced that
Iraq "sponsored" the attack. Everyone's wife calls to say that bombs have
been going off in any and all major cities. Oh, and yes, the man whose
friend has  the FBI contact has told us all to stay at home today.

Down in Yemen, the British Embassy made it known that it was upgrading its
state of alert from 1 to 2, although it was far from clear whether this was
in anticipation of the Americans dropping bombs on training camps hidden
away in Yemen, or retaliation from Binladen supporters. Geoff Hoon failed
to answer the direct question whether other countries were likely to be
subject to American attack. He merely muttered darkly that what is now
going on in Afghanistan should be seen as a warning to all.

Even if we live in the age of the satellite TV and the Internet, it still
seems hard for the average man to pick out the truth. Are our politicians
and decision makers any better equipped?

Greetings to all,

Mark Galloway

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