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RE: Two questions

> I'd appreciate assistance on these two questions:
>       (1) confirmed reports on the number of Iraqis killed by the
> "desert fox" 1998 bombing
>       (2) the specific name and reference for the Hans von Sponeck
> report outlining the casualties from US bombing over the so-called
> "no-fly zones" in 1999

Hi Rania and others,

1. I've never seen reliable casualty estimates from "Desert Fox".
Throughout 1998, critics of the US/UK repeated threats to bomb referred to a
Pentagon "medium scenario" estimate that bombing would kill 10,000
civilians.  I do not remember when that estimate was developed; it may have
been developed prior to the 1991 bombing.  I have seen no suggestion that
actual casualties were anywhere near this figure.  In general, the problem
with "confirmed reports" is that only the Iraqi government is in a position
to produce such reports.

2. There were at least two of these reports.  The first of them is available
at  I do not know of an
electronic version of the second yet.

Colin Rowat

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