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FW: URGENT Lo Call to UN Security Council nos in NY

I heed Seb's request to return to the single issue, but since Iraq is back
in the mega firing line, hope this lateral thinking may be of interest - f.
From: John Fitzgibbon <>
Subject: URGENT Lo Call to UN Security Council nos in NY
Date: Thu, Oct 4, 2001, 11:41 am

Mr Seamus Banim,  Head of Sponsorship, Eircom.

Dear Mr Banim,

I'm involved with various groups attempting to stall the seeming rush to
war on Afghanistan and the likely killing of thousands more innocent people.

We are attempting at this stage to get a hold put on military action for
the duration of the Irish Presidency of the Security Council.

We want large numbers to telephone the membes of the SC with the simple


The circular below containing the emails, telnos & faxnos of the SC member
delegations in New York was emailed to 450 voluntary groups & influential
individuals yesterday. They will follow up as far as possible using email
Some delegations don't have email and many Irish citizens don't either so I
now request that Eircom set up a Lo Call facility to the numbers of the 15
SC members & sponsor limited duration calls (2 minutes?) to those numbers
for 2 weeks.

I suggest that this is the most important & most urgent sponsorship Eircom
has, or will ever be? asked to undertake. Failure to recognise the
importance may be catastrophic.

I request an urgent and positive reply, even with limited financial
committment, as others will inevitably back the scheme when they become
aware of it.

I'm sending this to interested groups so they are aware of what is
requested. We will get wide coverage in the media for the scheme.

Thanking you in urgent anticipation,   John Fitzgibbon  2853387

                                         UN Security Council. Circular NGO
& media   Attached  CEREPF.RTF;
To: Declan Mc Kenna, NGO Peace Alliance, and all media contacts

Declan, this is an appeal to dozens of media contacts around the country to
put the horrific tragedy of Sept 11th in perspective.

I'm attaching a copy of the excellent Caritas Europa (the 48 Trocaires of
Europe) report on Iraq & bringing to their attention the fact that WE the
United Nations had surreptitiously killed, by economic sanctions, 500,000
Iraqi children by 1999 (UNICEF '99).  We continue to kill 4 to 5,000 (5,000
Minister Liz O Donnell Sunday Business Post June 24th 2001) each month

I'm asking them to publish portions of the CE report and give their
readers, listeners or viewers an opportunity to understand the holocaust
that covertly continues in our names as, at least, aware assenting members
of the UN. This makes ordinary citizens, unwittingly, maybe, guilty of this
appalling mass killing (genocide in the words of one of the UN Assistant
Sec General & Oil for Food Coordinators in Iraq who resigned in protest)
The CE report states- Richard Butler, Head of UNSCOM, the UN weapons
inspection team.... despite his well-known antagonism towards the Iraqi
government as far as weapons of mass destruction are concerned, has come
out publicly against sanctions. Speaking on BBC World Service programme,
"Talking Point" on June 4 2000, he said

"Letís get to the point of substance, and Iíll say it now on air. I deeply
believe that sanctions as now applied to Iraq and this has been the case
for a number of years, have been utterly counter-productive to the
disarmament purpose; and I think that the
damage to the Iraqi people must stop. Now ironically I also think that they
have probably helped keep Saddam Hussein in power. So in that sense Ö.I
think that the sanctions issue is something that the United Nations must
address with utmost urgency.
...I think we have got a truly serious crisis on our hands here, when a
recalcitrant state can face down the law-maker and when the law-makerís
only answer to that is to maintain a sanctions regime which does no harm
whatsoever to the vicious leaders of that regime, and it all gets
transferred to ordinary innocent people; and it doesnít do its job but just
actually helps keep that regime in power. Now I think thatís a nonsense,
and I think this requires urgent review by the United Nations."

Declan, I'm supplying you and the media contacts with a list (email, telno
& faxno) of the  member's delegations at the UN Security Council and our
Minister for Foreign Affairs Brian Cowan

My appeal is that this be widely circulated and published so that many
groups & citizens will contact the Minister and delegations & tell them
that they must not tolerate the killing of more innocent people in a,
likely, vain attempt to get Bin Laden.

Such killing would increase the likelihood of further appalling atrocities
like we've just witnessed.  Why is it, that with 600,000 under 5 year old
(innocent?) children in Iraq sentenced to death by the UN (including us),
and killed by us under appalling conditions, Saddam Hussein lives on in
luxury after 10 years?- an indication of the effectiveness of the UN war
and economic sanctions!!! Why is it that, now aware of the blatant
monstrous lies told during the Iraq war we still believe that the Allies
are now truthfull. Remember the Maguires, Birmingham six etc. In a
similarly angry climate scapegoats had to be found, guilty or not.
Why did the UK not bomb terrorist training grounds here, and the Irish
Government take out loyalist strongholds in the north after respective
atrocities such as Omagh, Dublin etc ?. Many innocent people would have
been killed & that's not acceptable here
It is only OK if you're an unfortunate Iraqi child or an already subdued,
destitute, & probably near starvation, Afghan citizen.

My God!, if this loving compassionate being still figures in Western
thinking, or indeed if we have any little streak of humanity or compassion,
how can we tolerate what's going on.  I don't want to believe what I seem
to be saying here-WE, the UN (& particularly us &Western allies)  ARE THE
MAJOR TERRORISTS in the world today.  Terrifying, but true! I  greatly fear.

Please circulate this appeal as widely as possible asking all to contact
the list with the message that-
reputations and jobs of politicians who in any way support such killing
will be at risk. This is democracy at work, not blackmail, as may be
Please continue to press to have the very enlightening  Hidden Wars of
Desert Storm shown on TV

Thanking you all,               John Fitzgibbon,  2853387

Dept of Foreign Affairs, Tel 4780822, 80 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2,

                                        Members of UN Security Council
- Singapore  <>
tel:212-826-0840/0841 fax: 212-826-2964
- Tunisia  - tel: 212-751-7503/7534 fax: 212-751-0569
- Ukraine <> -tel 212-759-7003
- United Kingdom  - <> tel: 212-745-9200 fax212-745-9316
- United States <> tel:212-415-4000
- Bangladesh- <>
- tel: 212-867-3434/212-972-1267- fax: 212-972-4038
- China- <> tel: 212-655-6100
- Colombia- <>
  tel: 212-335-7776 fax: 212-371-2813
- France- franc
- tel: 212-308-5700 fax: 212-421-6889
- Ireland-tel: 212-421-6934 fax: 212-752-4726
 Presidency October
- Jamaica-tel:212-935-7509 fax: 212-935-7607
- Mali-tel: 212-737-4150/794-1311 fax: 212-472-3778
- Mauritius-tel: 212-949-0190/0191 fax: 212-697-3829
- Norway-tel: 212-421-0280/0281 fax: 212-688-0554
- Russian Federation-tel: 212-861-4900/4901 fax: 212-628-0252/517-7427

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