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Saddam and Binladin

It's worth reminding you of the humour generated when Saddam tried to
garner Muslim support in the early stages following the invasion of Kuwait.
A senior aide insisted that Saddam is a good Muslim and prays "twice a
day". I doubt I have to explain to the CASI reading list why this was funny
even to a non-Muslim who has spent time in the Middle East and become
accustomed to the 5 daily prayer times. I have drunk more whisky in Iraq
than any other country. Women were working before 1980, but the Iran-Iraq
war gave them greater opportunity because the army swallowed the men. None
of this sort of material (and there is plenty more of it) provides any
"proof" that Saddam has not started some liaison with Binladin's network.
Notwithstanding, if the Guardian expects its readers to believe such
propositions, no doubt they also expect them to believe the hundreds of
Egyptians who remain convinced, and will tell anyone who listens, that the
British secret services arranged for the death of Diana and Dodi. Like the
Saudi government, I would guess that the Iraqi government has much to fear
from fanatics.


Mark Galloway

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