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A message from the list manager

Dear list,

In order that this list maintains the close focus and clear-headedness
which has made it a useful resource over the past three or four years, I
think we need to start steering the subject matter back to sanctions on
Iraq. Obviously, the last 10 days have been an exceptional period in terms
of world events and it is right that the discussion on this list was
broadened as a result. However, I think we've now reached the time when it
will be more profitable to move threads of discussion which do not bear
upon sanctions on Iraq to other more appropriate forums. This is a view
which has been expressed to me by several long-standing list contributors,
and which fits in with CASI's guidelines for the discussion list.

Below I've listed some email groups which I can recommend to people who
wish to discuss various aspects of the implications of last week's
attacks. Please make an effort to post only messages relating to sanctions
on Iraq to the CASI discussion list.

Many thanks,

Seb Wills
CASI lists manager

Aftermath-11-September-2001 -- exchanging campaigning information on
how to oppose a military response to the atrocity. Mostly UK activists.

Arab Media Watch -- concerned with the portrayal of Arabs and Muslims
especially in the UK media

Al-Awda -- principally concerned at the moment with the impact of
September 11 on the Palestinian population.
Its various regional e-mail forums are listed at:
Of particular interest to many CASI discussants will be:

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