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articles from

Hello all,
here are some articles I copied from . They are puzzling me. So much is written and there is so much speculation about who is responsible for the attacks on 11/9, that it is interesting to know that it is not sure if it were Muslims who carried out the attack. So it's good to be very careful to convict the Arab and Muslim community for this attack, without any proof.
And, by the way: the story of CNN:"CNN USING 1991 FOOTAGE of celebrating Palestinians to manipulate you" by the Brazilian student can not be confirmed, so it probably isn't true. I'm sorry for that.
Dirk Adriaensens.
Former US Air force Pilots Behind WTC, Pentagon Attacks: Iranian Daily

The Iranian Kayhan evening newspaper revealed that the perpetrators of Tuesday’s attacks in New York and Washington were former pilots in the US Air Force, and that hijacking in fact did not take place but was used to cover the real scenario of the incidents. Kayhan cited from American reports that the pilots’ not using the alarm button, usually used in emergency or danger circumstances, is still considered one of the most obscure clues in this case. This indicates, according to the newspaper, that the four pilots carried out the suicide operation in purpose, and that the hijacking story is not correct. The report disclosed that three of those pilots were former Vietnam veterans, while the brother of the fourth died in that war. The report listed the names of the pilots as follows: Charles Berlingim, Flight 77’s pilot. He ploughed his plane into Pentagon where he worked for several years. Jason Dahil, Flight 93’s pilots. His plane was shot down over Pennsylvania. His brother (Kenneth) killed in Vietnam in 1971 at an age of 20 years. Joe Agotawski, Flight 11’s pilot. He ploughed into the World Trade Center’s first tower. Victor Sarasini, Flight 75’s pilot. He ploughed into the second tower. The newspaper referred to the clear contradiction in the information disclosed by the two airline companies, American Airlines and United Airlines, and the one disclosed by the FBI. Three days after the incident, the FBI issued a list of the passengers’ names including the names of the 19 alleged Arabs whose names were not in the companies’ list issued a day after the incident. However, Kayhan stopped at journalistic reports that indicated no trails of a plane being crashed at the Pentagon. Also it focused on the fourth plane that was shot down by US warplanes in Pennsylvania and that the pilot did not plough the plane by himself in defiance to hijackers’ request to head to a populated area. The newspaper based its information on what the French Agency mentioned that pieces of the plane were found four miles away from crash site, which means the plane was blown out in the sky by missiles fired from US warplanes, according to the newspaper.
Second Saudi Named by FBI as one of the Hijackers Is Alive, Well

A Saudi pilot named by Washington as one of the suspects in last week’s plane bombings is alive and well and living in Tunisia. The London-based Asharq al-Awsat paper said on Tuesday that Said Hussein al-Ghamdi has been in Tunisia for nine months training with colleagues from state carrier Saudi Arabian Airlines. It said he had seen his own photo on CNN after being fingered by the United States as a suspect in the September 11 attacks. US officials said he was believed to have hijacked United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania. The FBI said it had gotten his photo from a flight school where he supposedly trained in Florida. Asharq al-Awsat said al-Ghamdi has twice visited the United States- studying there for a year beginning in October 1998, and for around six weeks after August 2000. The paper published an interview Monday with another alleged Saudi suspect, Abdelaziz al-Omari, who said he too is alive and well, and that he was an engineer who had no idea how to fly a plane. Al-Omari said his passport was stolen in the United States in 1995. In the wake of this arbitrary accusations, US Attorney General John Ashcroft has warned that a support network for the hijackers could still be in the country. Ashcroft said he and FBI Director Robert Mueller had also met with congressional leaders over the past two days to finalize a comprehensive package of legislative measures that would make it easier to spy on terrorist suspects. Meanwhile, more than 170 people are wanted for questioning. An FBI official said those people may have information that could be helpful to the investigation, but he hastened to add that those on the list were not considered suspects. Agents have searched hotels, motels and apartment complexes nationwide for clues, following up on leads received since the crashes. Warrants have also been issued in the United States for two more potential material witnesses. The probe has expanded internationally, with law enforcement looking into possible links to a network believed to be masterminded by Saudi-born Osama bin Laden- named by Washington as the prime suspect in the onslaught. Nineteen homes have been searched in Germany for clues on the activities of three foreign students whose names appeared on the passenger lists of the planes: Mohammed Atta, Marwan Al-Shehhi, and Ziad Amir Jarrah. Bild newspaper meanwhile reported that there was a worldwide hunt for Said Bahaji, born in Germany of Moroccan descent and holding German citizenship, alleging that he disappeared from Hamburg shortly before the attacks. According to the newspaper, he had either gone to ground in Pakistan or died in the plane that crashed near Pittsburgh, but his wife, says he is in Pakistan. In Britain, the Daily Mail newspaper reported on Tuesday that at least five of the 19 men who hijacked the four airliners had lived in Britain for a time. The Mail said FBI agents are also questioning Mufti Mohammed Khan, who was held at London’s Heathrow Airport coming from New York hours after the attacks. A 33-year-old man of of Franco-Algerian origin, Habib Zacaria Moussaoui, who is currently being held in the United States, also spent time in Britain. According to the Mail, French police link Moussaoui to Osama bin Laden. And in Tokyo, a report said Tuesday that Japanese authorities are on the lookout for 19 men who may have entered the country in early September. Spokesmen from the foreign ministry and national police agency would not comment on the reports nor confirm whether an investigation was underway.
4000 Israeli Employees in WTC Absent the Day of the Attack

With the announcement of the attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, the international media, particularly the Israeli one, hurried to take advantage of the incident and started mourning 4000 Israelis who work at the two towers. Then suddenly, no one ever mentioned anything about those Israelis and later it became clear that they remarkably did not show up in their jobs the day the incident took place. No one talked about any Israeli being killed or wounded in the attacks. Arab diplomatic sources revealed to the Jordanian al-Watan newspaper that those Israelis remained absent that day based on hints from the Israeli General Security Apparatus, the Shabak, the fact which evoked unannounced suspicions on American officials who wanted to know how the Israeli government learned about the incident before it occurred, and the reasons why it refrained from informing the U.S authorities of the information it had. Suspicions had increased further after Israeli newspaper Yadiot Ahranot revealed that the Shabak prevented Israeli premier Ariel Sharon from traveling to New York and particularly to the city’s eastern coast to participate in a festival organized by the Zionist organizations in support of the "Israel". Aharon Bernie, the commentator at the newspaper, brought up the issue and came up with a negative conclusion, saying “no answer”. He then asked about the clue behind the Shabak’s position in preventing Sharon’s participation, and again without giving an answer. Bernie added that Sharon, who was delighted for having his speech on top of the festival agenda, asked the head of the organization to mediate and convince the Shabak to change its position, but his attempts were in vein. The next day after Sharon’s secretary officially announced that Sharon would not participate the incident took place. For its part, the Israeli Ha’aretz newspaper revealed that the FBI arrested five Israelis four hours after the attack on the Twin Towers while filming the smoking skyline from the roof of their company’s building. The FBI had arrested the five for “puzzling behavior”. They are said to have been caught videotaping the disaster in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery.
Israeli Mossad May Lie Behind Attacks on US: Syrian Daily

A Syrian ath-Thawra paper on Wednesday cast doubts over the involvement of Osama bin Laden in the September 11 attacks on the United States, saying "Israel’s" secret service Mossad was a more likely culprit. Ath-Thawra said, “Why not suspect Mossad of having sought to shake the United States and the world, upon directives from Ariel Sharon who wants to divert attention away from his aggressive plot, and link the attacks to the Arabs, the Muslims, and Osama bin Laden”. “If Osama bin Laden really had at his disposal such fantastic capabilities, sophisticated electronic talents and a meticulous organization, as the Americans claim, he would have directed all that against Israel for the simple reason that it is closer,” the paper argued.

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