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UN agencies based in Jordan brace for eventual hits on Iraq

UN agencies based in Jordan brace for eventual hits on Iraq 

  AMMAN, Sept 19 (AFP) - United Nations agencies based in 
Jordan are 
  reviewing contingency plans in the event of strikes on Iraq 
following the 
  September 11 terror attacks in the United States, officials said 
  "We have received 'secret' instructions from our offices in New 
York to 
  start preparations within our emergency plans in the event of a 
US strike on 
  Iraq," a UN agency official told AFP on condition of anonymity.
  "Frantic steps to stock up on supplies, namely food," started 
four days 
  ago, the official said.
  Meanwhile the representative of the UN High Commissioner for 
  (UNHCR) in Amman, Dario Carminati, said his agency has 
taken "precautionary 
  measures in any event of the crisis reaching the region".
  "We are reviewing inventory and our contingency plans," 
Carminati said.
  According to the UN official the UNHCR, which has an office in 
Baghdad, is 
  stocking up on food and water mainly and taking steps to 
prepare for fallout 
  from an eventual attack on Iraq, including the displacement of 
  "Different scenarios are being envisaged at the (Iraqi 
  borders and inside Iraq," Carminati said.
  "Normally in our contingency plan, we expect people to move 
more to Turkey 
  and Iran, in case of the closing of borders, and less to Jordan," 
he said.
  "Very few Iraqi refugees come to Jordan," he said, adding 
however that 
  nationals from other countries living in Iraq moved to Jordan in 
the wake of 
  the 1991 Gulf war.
  A US government source said Tuesday that the Central 
Intelligence Agency 
  was checking reports that a hijacker of one of the airliners that 
crashed into 
  New York's World Trade Center on September 11 had met a 
senior Iraqi 
  intelligence official prior to the terror attacks.
  "There is an indication that such a meeting occurred earlier this 
year in 
  Europe," said the source.
  But the CIA was not certain the meeting "had anything to do with 
  events," the source added.
  US Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday the United States 
had no evidence 
  about Baghdad's involvement in the plot.
  Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri denied in an interview 
  Wednesday that Baghdad had any role "near or far" in the US 
terror attacks. 

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