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FW: [al-awda-unity] Petition for a Level Headed Response

From: "Stanley Heller" <>
To: "Unity" <>
Subject: [al-awda-unity] Petition for a Level Headed Response
Date: Tue, Sep 18, 2001, 10:02 pm

The Petition at which appeals to world leaders
to be level-headed and, wherever, possible, peaceful in their response to
the recent attack
against the United States.
The Petition
      What follows is a petition that will be forwarded to President Bush,
and other world leaders, urging them to avoid war as a response to the
terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon this
week. Please read it, sign below, and forward the link to as many people as
possible, as quickly as possible. We must circulate this quickly if it is
to have any effect at all, as the Congress of The United States has already
passed a resolution supporting any military action President Bush deems

      We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of the United States of
America and of countries around the world, appeal to the President of The
United States, George W. Bush; to the NATO Secretary General, Lord
Robertson; to the President of the European Union, Romano Prodi; and to all
leaders internationally to use moderation and restraint in responding to
the recent terrorist attacks against the United States. We implore the
powers that be to use, wherever possible, international judicial
institutions and international human rights law to bring to justice those
responsible for the attacks, rather than the instruments of war, violence
or destruction.
      Furthermore, we assert that the government of a nation must be
presumed separate and distinct from any terrorist group that may operate
within its borders, and therefore cannot be held unduly accountable for the
latter's crimes. It follows that the government of a particular nation
should not be condemned for the recent attack without compelling evidence
of its cooperation and complicity with those individuals who actually
committed the crimes in question.

      Innocent civilians living within any nation that may be found
responsible, in part or in full, for the crimes recently perpetrated
against the United States, must not bear any responsibility for the actions
of their government, and must therefore be guaranteed safety and immunity
from any military or judicial action taken against the state in which they

      Lastly and most emphatically, we demand that there be no recourse to
nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, or any weapons of indiscriminate
destruction, and feel that it is our inalienable human right to live in a
world free of such arms.


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