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Re: Comments on terrorist attack on US by a former member of US armed forces

Dear Eric & CASI:

Much of my response to your acquaintence's note has been stated already: 
mostly that "understanding" should not be equated with endorsement or 

At the risk of making myself unpopular, our acquaintence makes a good point 
that I have noticed as well:

". . . I have serious doubts that CASI writers are peace-loving or care 
about 'the children.'  What is certain is that it appears that CASI writers 
only care about attacking the United States . . ."

Too often I have seen many of my fellow anti-sanctions activists use the 
Iraqi crisis as simply one more place to portray the United States and Great 
Britain in the worst possible light.

The lack of curiosity in some quarters of the anti-sanctions movement on 
relevant aspects of Iraqi history, methods of politics, and the nature of 
the current regime in Iraq indicate to me that to some this issue is used 
simply as a platform against current American foreign policy, not as 
anything like a "nonviolent" response through compassion and justice to 
policies which bring evil results.

One poignant case in point was during my trip to Iraq with a proiminent 
anti-sanctions group, another delegation member was not aware that the 
Iran-Iraq War had *ever taken place.*  This person was apparently more 
interested in the criticism that could be brought to bear upon the US/UK 
than in any real compassion for the Iraqi people who have suffered so much 
in the last few generations.

Another case to show our inattention to the Iraqi people as opposed to the 
current geo-political situation might be that workshops on Iraqi history, 
proposed for the last anti-sanctions convention in Colorado, were turned 

I welcome the comments of Eric's acquaintence, as these criticisms have 
needed to be said of us for some time.  Hopefully this can be the start of a 
much-needed conversation.


Charlie Brown
Salt Lake City, UT

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