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Terrorist attack in US

"What is certain is that I have serious doubts that CASI
writers are peace-loving or care about "the children.".
What is certain is that it appears that CASI writers only
care about attacking the United States, and civilians be
damned (as long as the victims are American)."
Killing innocent people is murder, whether it's US firemen/janitors or Iraqi children/Palestinians/Afghan women and children. I condemn it. Let us say that this attack was carried out as a form of resistance to US plicies in the Middle East(which, it must be stressed, is not yet proven). If we now simply go after the people who did this and ignore(ie continue) the Western violence in the Middle East - for example, sanctions, bombings against Iraq, and repression of the Palestinians - ignore, in short, Western mass murder, then we will just reinforce the conditions which led to the attack in the first place. This will be all the more true if the response involves killing innocent people. Isn't this the time to assert that we all matter just as much as each other? 
In solidarity and sympathy,   Tim

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