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Using the discussion list

Dear list members,

At the suggestion of a couple of members of this list, I'm writing to
remind you all of a few facts about the way this list (the Campaign
Against Sanctions on Iraq email discussion list) operates.

Firstly, the positive one:

 * Do remember that all messages sent to the list are archived on the
   world wide web. You can search (or browse) the archive by going to  (or from the link in the menu of the main
   CASI site). So if you want to dig up some information you remember
   seeing on the list in the past, you should have a good search of the
   archive before writing to the list asking for it to be repeated.

In the light of the number of unsubscription requests being sent to the
entire list recently, I should also remind people that:

 * If you want to be removed from the list, please only tell the list
manager, not all 250-odd list members!  All list admin requests should be
sent to the special address, and
NOT to the general list address ( This
list admin address is given in the footer of almost every single message
you get from the list, so there's no excuse for forgetting it!

If you want more detailed guidelines on using the list, you can find them

Thank you for your attention!

Seb Wills
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