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NABA:Press Release

>From the National Association of British Arabs:

We write to expresses our horror and shock at the very sad events in
America this week.  British Arabs share in the sadness and disbelief of
their fellow Britons at this futile and brutal loss of life of so many
individuals including those from the UK.  

We welcomed the speeches made by the Prime Minister and Party Leaders in
the House of Commons today, which echoed the sentiment of the Prime
Minister that Islam should not be blamed for this unjustifiable horror
undertaken by as yet unknown perpetrators.  

Our hope is that true and unbiased justice will prevail and that from
this appalling tragedy lessons will be learned.  In particular we hope
that world governments will seek to address the political issues that
may have precipitated this terrible attack.  Many Arabs worldwide have
felt frustrated at the lack of political will to settle the many
problems in the Middle East and, whilst this should not be used as a
justification for this or any other such act of vengeance, that
frustration needs to be understood and the hope of settlement of the
many problems in this unhappy region made a matter of urgency by
governments worldwide.

Ismail Jalili
National Secretary
National Association of British Arabs
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