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FW: From the Iraq Coalition

Title: FW: From the Iraq Coalition

fyi - f.

   "The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise has been directed to stay in
   the Gulf rather than return to its home port of Norfolk, a
   Pentagon official said Wednesday.

   The aircraft carrier and its battle group were preparing to leave
   the Gulf Tuesday when hijacked jetliners crashed into the World
   Trade Center towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington,
   the official said."                    WASHINGTON, Sept 12 (AFP)

                    The coming war with Iraq

          A South News commentary Thu, 13 Sep 2001

by Dave Muller

Today United States Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, has sent a video
taped message to US troops, saying they will soon join the long history of
American military heroes. With both USS Enterprise and Carl Vinson carrier
groups in the Gulf south of Iraq, it is becoming clear that Baghdad is in
the cross hairs.

While it is still unknown who were the perpetrators of the violent
acts on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon, TV networks
blared home the message it was a "Pearl Harbor" outrage on "civilisation"
and that Middle Eastern crazies had finally struck terror in America's

The fact that Arabs and Muslims were incorrectly blamed for the Oklahoma
City bombing is completely forgotten as the terrible tragedy is formally
cranked up into an ongoing national crisis.

Overnight US foreign policy justifying the $60 billion investment in Missile
Defense aka Star Wars has suddenly changed for cultivating a lust for
revenge and the US tieing together a Gulf War like alliance against

           "In effect the country's at war but we don't have
            the coordinates of the enemy." - Leon Fuerth

While Former CIA asset Osama bin Laden has been fingered for the blame, a
lust for "retaliation" is now outstripping for precision in identifying
the actual assailant. Senior US administration figures have made it clear
that the "rogue state" that has given the network succour are about to
get it - big time.

Former Israeli Prime Ministers Barak and Nethanyahu paraded in front of the
world's media drawing from the events the need to apply extra force against
Middle East `terrorism'.

Terror pundits speculate on this country or that, but a "Let°¶s Get Iraq"
scenario is being primed by likes of Richard Butler to the Son of Bush to
finish his father's failed Desert Storm. From the nuclear priesthood is
coming the desire to test mini-nukes and Rumsfeld is said to favour
pre-emptive strikes using such 'earthquake' bombs.

Yes, the seeds for catastrophe for "Pax Americana" were planted in the
Gulf War when Iraq challenged Western oil hegemony and the very foundations
of globalisation.

But while the media focuses on the imperial metropolis, Sharon feels
himself to have carte blanche as he now rumbles tanks into West Bank
town of Jericho with tanks early Thursday.

Today, it is urgent that Non-aligned nations and people of the world
join hands against these forces of evil and darkness -colonialism and
imperialism- and a coming age of barbarism and indiscriminate violence.


Penetrator N-bombs threaten third world

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