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Wall St. Journal: "The Iraqi Connection" (13 Sep 01)

The following appeared in the Thursday, 13 September 2001 Wall Street
Journal, pg. A20 (please note text is transcribed):


Laurie Mylroie, "The Iraqi Connection"
Opening paragraph: "Whether Osama bin Laden was involved in Tuesday's
terrorist assault remains to be seen.  Yet if that proves to be so, it is
extremely unlikely that he acted on his own.  It is far more likely that he
operated in conjunction with a state - the state with which the U.S. remains
at war, namely Iraq".

Note: Mylroie authored "Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein's Unfinished War
Against America", (Washington, D.C.: American Enterprise Institute, 2000)
* Archived AEI interview with Mylroie:

Wall Street Journal Editorial

"...There is also the lesson of George H.W. Bush's decision to end the Gulf
War before Saddam Hussein was deposed.  We would not be surprised if this
week's atrocity was the work of either Saddam or bin Laden was the work of
either Saddam or bin Laden or both".

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