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Lib. Democrats on 'smart' sanctions

The following Hansard excerpt from a debate on the Queen's Speech on June
22nd suggests that
the Lib. Dem.s regard 'smart' sanctions as being close to their own position
(which they've glossed as 'the removal non-military sanctions').



Menzies Campbell [Lib. Dem. Foreign Affairs Spokesperson]: ... We have to
look at the question of Iraq as a whole. In particular, we have to be
prepared to accept that 10 or 11 years after the war we are still pursuing
the policies that we embarked on a few months after the war. We have to be
willing to maintain the threat of military action as part of a policy of
containment. If Iraq were to threaten Kuwait again, the hon. Gentleman would
not find me slow to say that we should threaten and, if necessary, use
military action in order to deal with that threat.

22 Jun 2001 : Column 312

However, one has to look at the wider implications in Arab capitals of the
policy to which I have already referred. In particular, one has to
look--here I support what the Government have now done--at the question of
the maintenance of the non-military sanctions that have resulted, never mind
what their objective was, in the degradation of the lives of ordinary Iraqi
citizens and have handed to Saddam Hussein an enormous propaganda advantage
that he has exploited ruthlessly, not only in Arab capitals but throughout
the world.

Along with the United States, the Government appear to be moving, at the
United Nations, towards accepting the point of view that the non-military
sanctions should be lifted. My view is that the overall policy should be one
of military containment accompanied by sanctions on both military and
dual-use equipment.

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