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AMNESTY wakes up to sanctions after 11 year snooze

Hello all. Glenn here.

Amnesty International had its 2-yearly international meeting last weekend.
It was formally agreed that AI should start working on sanctions, though the
time frame for this is anyone's guess at the moment. Could be they decide on
the need for a 'pilot study' or something like that.

Still, many sections were enthusiastic for AI to begin work ASAP, notably
the USA, UK, English speaking Canada, Ireland, Tunisia, France, Australia,
Switzerland, Finland, Togo and others .

After withdrawing its own (rendered irrelevant) motion, AI Ireland, who have
been very vocal on the sanctions issue, thanks I suspect to hard work by
grass-roots members, asked that the following statement be entered into the
minutes of the ICM:

"The Irish section had specifically focused on the need for Amnesty to
address the impact of the sanctions on Iraq. No matter where one points the
blame for the current humanitarian crisis situation in Iraq, it is clear
that it is the imposition of the sanctions that has created the context
wherein the Iraqi nation is slowly being destroyed. The sanctions have been
in place now for eleven years and there is no end in sight. They have led
directly to the deaths of up to 15 million [I assume this is a typo that
should read '1.5 million'] people and the economic collapse of the country.

The Irish section, supported by many others, including AI Tunisia, AIUK,
AIUSA and AI France asks the Secretary General to prioritize work on
sanctions on Iraq in light of our new policy."

Has the dinosaur awoken?



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