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Re: Anti-sanctions Ad Page: a Proposal

Hello Ornella. Glenn Bassett here.

The only objection I can think of to the ad idea is cost -- that we could
spend $40,000 on something else. However, I can't think of another use for
such money that would be as effective. So I would say go for it.

A suggestion: To get round the issue of making the ad short-and-sharp but
not missing essential information we could give some info and then provide a
link to a specially set up Website (and postal and phone contact) with a
fuller text and links to other info from CASI, VitW, Bridges to Bagdad etc.

Also, is there no way we can extend the deadline longer than 2 weeks time?
In my experience you'll have a hard job getting lots of groups to agree to a
decent text in such a short period. Does Hans have to be 'available'? Can't
he just be 'contactable'?



    -----Original Message-----
    From: Ornella Sangiovanni <>
    To: <>
    Date: 26 August 2001 20:13
    Subject: Anti-sanctions Ad Page: a Proposal

    Dear all,
    as the mainstream media refuse to report the truth and to publish fair
and well-informed pieces on the situation of Iraq and the need for the
immediate and unconditional lifting of sanctions, Hans von Sponeck put
forward a suggestion that I am now submitting to you for discussion.

    The idea is to buy a full-page ad in the International Herald Tribune,
which would feature an anti-sanctions text, to be discussed, agreed upon and
signed by as many as possible anti-sanctions groups in Europe.


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