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10 arrested in anti-sanctions protest

Dear friends

I write today after returning from an august delegation to  Iraq and a
visit with the dozen Voices folks conducting a 40 day fast outside the
UN in NYC. I was amazed by the spirit of survival, strength, and
sincerity in the people I was with in both Manhattan and in Baghdad.

Please consider the following actions, in solidarity with those in NYC
and throughout the US fasting and who today, Wednesday 22, took part in
another act of civil disobedience on the steps of the US Mission to the

1) Sign and circulate the "Pax Christi petition" that Hans Von Sponeck
will present in DC this October. It is on the front page of

2)  Contact your local representatives and encoourage them to contact
the US Mission , or call James Cunningham's office, acting US ambassador
to the UN at 212 415 4000, press 2 , and type in CUNNINGHAM, and very
politely encourage a meeting with those maintaing a daily vigil, many of
whom offer first hand experience from travel to Iraq, can supply
comprehensive facts and research, and have continual correspondence with
UN official both in Iraq and throughout the world.

3)  Help circulate following Press Release on today's actions and
continue to support fasters at

in peace

danny muller
w/ Voices in the Wilderness


Ten Arrested at US Mission to the UN Protesting Sanctions of  Iraq

For Immediate Release,  New York City—Wednesday, August 22, 2001, 11:00
a.m., Ten members of Voices in the Wilderness have just been arrested
after bringing a symbolic meal of lentils and rice to the steps of the
US Mission to the UN, inviting members of the staff and the Ambassador’s
office to share the meal across from the US Mission to the UN, (45th
Street and First Avenue). Members of the group are on the seventeenth
day of a 40 day fast calling for an end to sanctions against Iraq.  Last
week, the NYPD arrested twelve people for approaching the steps of the
US Mission with their meal and their message.  Charged with obstruction
and criminal trespass, they face trial on September 20.  Fasters
returned today to continue bringing their message to the US Mission,
some of them having recently travelled to Iraq, in direct violation of
US law and the 11 year embargo.  Among them , Kathy Kelly, nominated for
this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, states, “We are trying to encourage the
member states of the UN to ‘break ranks’ with the US in its insistence
on endless sanctions for Iraq.  We also ask for the US to seek
reconciliation with the peoples of Iraq, to stop the continued bombing
and terror, and to
embrace   peaceful means to solve any conflict between the two nations.”

Those arrested are Ceylon Mooney, Memphis, TN, Kathy Kelly, Chicago, IL,
MikiLu Peters, Chicago, IL, Nate Peters,  Chicago, IL, Rev. Jerry
Zawada, OFM, Hammond, IN, Peter De Mott, Ithaca, NY,  Athir Shayota,
Harlem, NY, Ed Lewinson, New Jersey, Felton Davis, New York, NY, Cynthia
Banas,  Vernon, NY. In an August 20, 2001 letter of invitation to the US
Mission to the UN, the group wrote:
We are again inviting you to partake with us in a simple meal of cooked
lentils, rice, and bread, along with unpurified water, (we don’t want to
drink it and neither do Iraqi people).  The meal symbolizes our concern
because many Iraqis have subsisted on this food for eleven years.  It
also represents our earnest interest in breaking bread with you.

We’d like to discuss the perspective of Mr.Hubert Vedrine, the French
Foreign Minister, who stated: “Economic sanctions on Iraq are “cruel,
ineffective and dangerous:  they are cruel because they punish
exclusively Iraqi people and the weakest among them.  They are
ineffective because they don’t touch the regime which is not encouraged
to cooperate and they are dangerous because they…accentuate the
disintegration of Iraqi society.”  (Hubert Vedrine, August 2, 2000,

Several of us have seen and heard,  first hand, evidence of the
disintegration Mr.Vedrine deplores.  We mean you no harm or
inconvenience in wanting to talk with you.  And of course we are easily
available as we vigil outside your building each day.

For more information, call the Breaking Ranks cell phone numbers or
contact the Chicago office (above)

Breaking Ranks:
A Fast to End the Siege of Iraq

Contact:  Breaking Ranks Fast
ON SITE:  Johannes Limberger 646-208-2098/ 773 447 3964
Chicago office:   Daniel Muller 773-784-8065

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