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Forthcoming Events

Forthcoming Events.

A. Vigil at the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London  (nearest tube Bond
Street) on 20th September, 1-2pm in solidarity with Voices US.

On the 15th August 12 member of Voices US (nine of whom are doing the 40-day
fast, see C. below) were arrested for criminal trespass after they brought a
meal of cooked lentils and rice to the steps of the US mission to the UN in
New York. They had invited staff members to share the meal and engage in
dialogue about the impact of sanctions on Iraqi civilians. Kathy Kelly and
Daniel Berrigan were among those arrested. The 12 have been released and
will be tried on the 20th September.

B. Send a postcard of support to Voices US fasters.

On 6th August, the following member of Voices in the Wilderness US  began a
40-day liquids-only anti-sanctions fast and vigil in New York City beside
the US Mission to the United Nations: Cynthia Barnes, Lorie Blanding, Felton
Davis, Joan Gregory, Brian Kavanagh, Kathy Kelly,, Johannes Limberger,
Ceylon Mooney, Joe Morton, Mark Paye, Henry Williamson, Jerry Zawada.

You can send them a postcard of support c/o Mary Anne Muller, Parish
Administrator, St Vincent Ferrer Church, Brooklyn, NY, USA or e-mail them at

C. Contingency plan in case of massive bombing

Over the last few weeks there have been several large attacks on Iraq by US
and British forces patrolling the illegal no-fly zones. These may be a
prelude to a much bigger military attack in the near future. If this happens
there will be a vigil in London opposite Downing Street at 6pm (call the
voices office to check). Groups based outside London are encouraged to hold
their own events at this time.

D. 11 Days of Action Against the Economic Sanctions
11 Days of Action to mark 11 Years of Sanctions
November 20th - November 30th.

National and international period of action against economic sanctions on
Iraq in the run-up to the ‘smart sanctions' decision on 30th November. The
20th November is Universal Children's Day.

The latest National Coordinating Meeting of British anti-sanctions groups
has issued a call for 11 Days of Action Against the Economic Sanctions on
Iraq (20 November - 30 November 2001). We would like the 11 Days of Action
to be taken up internationally by anti-sanctions groups around the world.

Please register your interest in taking part in/sponsoring the 11 Days of
Action with Milan Rai of Voices in the Wilderness UK at

The present phase of oil-for-food runs out on 30 November, and it is almost
certain that the US and UK will attempt to get their so-called "smart
sanctions" package through the Security Council on that date. They must be
stopped. As Hans von Sponeck and Denis Halliday have pointed out, the US/UK
proposals would merely tighten the noose
around the neck of the average Iraqi citizen.

To mark 11 years of suffering, we're calling for 11 days of action.

We want the UN Security Council to vote against the "smart sanctions"
resolution and to vote to end economic sanctions on Iraq on 30 November.

The first activity in the UK will be a co-ordinated 'Phone Wave' against the
Foreign Office on Tuesday 20 November, Universal Children's Day. More
details will be announced in September.

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