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Dr. Al-Zazary

Dear All,
            I am a fourth student of International Relations at University of St Andrews carrying out research in Jordan. My research is on the Gulf War, Sanctions on Iraq and how these are effecting the Jordanian political economy. I recently went to Philadelphia University about half an hour from Amman to talk to Dr. Al-Zazary  concerning my research. Dr. Al-Zazary is an Iraqi from Northern Iraq who left the coutry following the sanctions. Behind him he left his House and many possessions. Dr. Al-Zazary also claims that it was the sanctions that led to the death of his 4 month old son who died of Samonela poisoning and could not recieve the help required die to the sanctions.
             He views the sanctions as an attempt by the west to force all the most educated Iraqis to leave the region and work in the west. Although he has remained in the Middle East, he concedes that this has been largely effective. I put it to him that Western govenments were, whilst following their own interests in the stability of the region (with particular concern for oil) not actually intending to hurt the Iraqi people or the Iraqi society as he believes. However Dr. Zazary remains convinced that the west and other gulf countries, view Iraq as a threat and feel that it is necessary to not only break Saddam Hussein but the Iraqi people.
              It is the peole who suffer though claims Zazary. And the recent objection by Iraq to suggestions by Western states that a lightening of Sanctions should take place, was he claims largely supported by the Iraqi people. "We do not just want more food and a tiny bit more trade, we need computers to educate our children like every other coutry may educate their children, and we need good health care. My son died because of water pollution that was preventable". "Now all that is left in Iraq is uneducated people, because those who are educated have left...those who remain learn only revenge and hatred" - "the problem therefore has only been made worse, because those who carried out a calming, moderate influence on Iraqi society have left...the sanctions must be lifted and then some of us will go home". 
              Just as an extra point - it is interesting to note that Jordan's main trading partner is Iraq. Jordan loses perhaps $650 m a year (a huge percentage of Jordans Economy) due to the huge reduction in trade with Iraq. Also Jordanians are not allowed to work in Iraq, Iraq is not allowed to invest in Jordan and Jordanians are not allowed to invest in Iraq. The U.S. I believe gives only at present about $200m in aid to Jordan (for not breaking the embargo), however this country has suffered a great deal from the sanctions. Could you imagine for instance Britain not being allowed to trade with or invest in the United States???
I have to admit, I am still undecided about the whole issue - however, parts of Dr. Zazary's argument are very convincing...
                         Oliver Cully.  

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