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letter to The Telegraph

"The Iraqi people want to know when Mr Bush will get tough"

This headline says it all. Who is Michael Rubin trying to kid? We 
(the US & UK) firstly systematically destroyed the infrastructure 
necessary for life during the totally one-sided war. (Notice that our 
rulers have never told us about the extent of this devastation). 
Secondly, we have maintained a genocidal sanctions policy which 
has probably killed 1 million Iraqi children as well as ruining the 
lives of 20 million innocent and hapless civilians. Nameless and 
unaccountable officials on the 661 committee and in the foreign 
office have blood on their hands and our failed political institutions 
are unable to hold them or the executive to account.

Under Saddam Hussein, Iraqis enjoyed a high standard of living 
with excellent public services. Now after more than a decade of our 
policies they still don't have safe water, proper sewage, proper 
electricity supplies, decent education, jobs, healthcare etc. No 
concerns were raised by the US & UK about his repression and 
authoritarian rule until of course it suited us. Indeed we helped him.

I'd be surprised if Michael didn't meet any ordinary Iraqis who 
noticed the very different treatment doled out by the US to Israel (a 
country which has nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, is in 
violation of many UN resolutions, has indulged in ethnic cleansing, 
has annexed land, has built and is building settlements on occupied 
land, is involved in state terrorism etc).

Hitler and his government were able to get away with their 
treatment of Jews and other minorities largely because too few 
Germans were prepared to speak up.

Two long-serving high-ranking UN officials resigned in protest at 
the sanctions on Iraq. They are now campaigning hard as 
individuals against this deliberate humanitarian disaster. 
Apologists for Labour Government policies on Iraq get promoted!

Mark Parkinson

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