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Re: CANESI: 40 day fast against sanctions: please send postcard of support

A little correction
   Johannes Limberger, is not from germany, rather upstate NY. I do not
how or why my name was circulated mentioning that I was/am from Germany.
Sincerely Johannes Limberger
PS Upstate New York near Albany NY

>From: Marc Azar <>
>Subject: CANESI: 40 day fast against sanctions: please send postcard of 
>Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 20:12:38 +0000
>Dear friends,
>As you may know, on August 6th, 12 members of Voices in the Wilderness US
>began a 40 day liquids-only fast against the sanctions on Iraq outside the
>US Mission to the UN in New York (see press release below for more info).
>If you would like to send them a message of support you can write to them
>c/o St Vincent Ferrer Church,
>1603 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn, NY  11210
>Their names are:
>Cynthia Banas,   Vernon, NY
>Lorie Blanding,   Easthampton, MA
>Felton Davis,   New York, NY
>Joan Gregory,   Marlboro, NY
>Brian Kavanagh,   Hartford, CT
>Kathy Kelly,   Chicago, IL
>Johannes Limberger,   Germany
>Ceylon Mooney,   Memphis, TN
>Joe Morton,   Baltimore, MD
>Mark Paye,   Chicago, IL
>Henry Williamson,   Charleston, SC
>Jerry Zawada,   Hammond, I
>Best wishes,
>voices in the wilderness uk
>Breaking Ranks:
>A Fast to End the Siege of Iraq
>August 6th - September 14th
>Tel: 646-208-2098
>Voices in the Wilderness, a Chicago-based campaign to end the economic
>sanctions on Iraq, today announces ėBreaking Ranks: A Fast to End the Siege
>of Iraq.î  Fast members will gather in New York City August 6th through
>September 14th.
>The fast will begin on Monday morning, August 6th, with a Press Conference
>at 10:00 a.m. at ėThe Isaiah Wall,î E. 43rd Street and 1st Avenue, across
>from the UN Building.  After the press conference, the fasters will process
>to 45th St. and 1st Avenue, across from the US Mission to the UN, where 
>will return to demonstrate and fast every day for forty days.
>ėWe are trying to encourage the member states of the UN to ëbreak ranksí
>with the US in its insistence on endless sanctions for Iraq,î said Kathy
>Kelly, co-founder of Voices in the Wilderness [VitW] and twice
>the Nobel Peace Prize.  ėThe more ësmartí they try to make the sanctions,
>the more adept they are at killing the Iraqi people.î
>Former Under-Secretary General of the UN, Denis Halliday, will join in
>the f
>ast on August 6, and will be available for interviews.  Halliday is
also a
>Nobel nominee.
>August 6th, the fifty-sixth anniversary of the US atomic attack on
>Hiroshima, Japan, also marks eleven full years of the US-led embargo on
>Iraq.  In 1999, UNICEF estimated that the sanctions had contributed to the
>deaths of half a million Iraqi children under the age of five.
>Most of the fasters have been to Iraq, and they will use the time of 
>to tell UN representatives and the general public what they have seen and
>heard about the effects of the sanctions.
>Besides fasting, participants will vigil and leaflet across the street from
>the UN (the corner of 45th Street and First Avenue), perform street 
>attend Arabic lessons, and hold nightly public discussions on the
>effects of
>the sanctions. They will seek meetings with UN and US representatives.
>Additionally, group members will consider breaking the fast if staff from
>the US Mission to the UN will, on occasion, share with them a meal of 
>lentils and rice, representative of the food
>distributed to Iraqis through the ėoil-for-foodî program.
>In early September, VitW, in conjunction with local activists across the
>U.S., will organize ėLife Under Siegeî tent encampments in numerous
>communities and on college campuses.  The encampments, envisioned to last
>three (or more) days, will attempt to depict living conditions forced upon
>Iraqis by eleven years of unrelenting economic sanctions.
>For further information on either the fast or in a ėLife Under Siegeî
>encampments, contact:
>* G. Simon Harak, S. J. Contact on 917-662-5790,,
><>, Efax: 801-907-7260
>* Voices in the Wilderness, 1460 W. Carmen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640,
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