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LBC phone in on bombing in Ealing today

I managed to get on the air with Nick Ferrari for a few minutes, at abot 9.30am this morning. I expressed my opposition to violence in general and then made two points
a. I reminded everyone that Northern Ireland was just like any other colonial situation. After hundreds of years of colonial domination, you always get resistance, like it or not. I know this first point was broadcast because they replayed a bit of it later on in the programme. Nick argued the point a bit, and then I moved on to my second point:
b. I suggested that our condemnation of the bombing was a case of "the pot
calling the kettle black", given that illegal, ongoing, basically terrorist British and American bombings in southern Iraq had killed hundreds of innocent people over the last 10 years. Nick did not respond and immediately after I had made this point, he went off the line and I heard a commercial break coming on. Then I was cut off, surprise, surprise! I could almost hear him saying to himself - "How indiscreet of you to drag our OWN terrorism into the argument". Anyway, hopefully this crucial point too was broadcast.
Best,  Tim

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