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Clarification: SC and Notification-Only Procedure in 1992

A clarification of

It should be noted that in 1992 there was a notification-only procedure for
some foodstuffs and medicines. (1)

Also, S/1996/700 (para. 43) is a bit vague.  It's unclear whether the
Security Council President and group of non-aligned States proposed a new
procedure for items not already notification-only, or whether the President
and group wanted the 661 Committee to modify the existing procedure to
include items not already notification-only.

It should also be noted that any proposed modified procedure in 1992 could
not exactly be the one later approved in SCR 1284.  In 1992 OIP didn't exist
and notification-only item information was sent to the 661 Committee.  All
items under the proposed SCR 1284 procedure were to be notified to OIP, and
OIP could approve items on the "green lists".  The 661 Committee was
supposed to review items on the 1051 list or not on the "green lists".  If
the Council adopts the proposals in UK Draft SCR of 20 June 2001 (para. 2),
theoretically OIP will approve items not on the revised Goods Review List
(GRL), and the 661 Committee will review items on the GRL.

The 1992 handler for notification-only items may have been different from
the proposed 1999 notification-only handler, but the concept was still the
same: exempt more specific items from 661 Committee review and approval, and
make them notification-only.

Despite its vagueness, S/1996/700 (para. 43) seems to clearly show that the
Security Council President and several non-aligned countries recommended
further review and approval exemptions for particular "humanitarian" items.
The Security Council, through the 661 Committee, rejected this proposal.

1.  Paul Conlon, "United Nations Sanctions Management: A Case Study of the
Iraq Sanctions Committee, 1990-1994", (Washington, DC: Procedural Aspects of
International Law Institute, 2000), pg. 6

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