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SC Rejected Notification-Only Procedure for Humanitarian Items in 1992

When evaluating U.S./UK policy proposals it may be worth noting that the 661
Committee rejected a notification-only procedure (much later approved in SCR
1284 and now hailed by the U.S./UK) for "certain humanitarian items".

This was in 1992.

In December 1990 the Scurity Council President recommended such a procedure
1990 and several non-aligned countries later supported it.  See below.

Report of the Security Council Committee Established by Resolution 661
(1990) Concerning the Situation Between Iraq And Kuwait
26 August 1996

43. In view of the statement of the President of the Security Council of 20
December 1990 (S/23305) and a subsequent request by a group of non-aligned
countries, suggesting that the Committee permit the supply of certain
humanitarian supplies to Iraq under the notification procedure rather than
the "no-objection" procedure, the Committee considered the matter at its
66th meeting on 6 March 1992.  It reached the understanding that, while
there would be no change in the procedure, the following categories of items
would generally receive favourable consideration:  medical equipment;
packaging material for medical supplies and foodstuffs; clothing; supplies
for babies and infants; soaps; animal feed and animals and eggs for breeding
or hatching purposes; agricultural seeds; supplies and materials for primary
and secondary education; spare parts and materials for water treatment and
sewage plants; and storage facilities for grain and foodstuffs.

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