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RE: Iraqi Visa from Amman?

Hi Pete,

Yes, it's possible for British citizens to visit Iraq from Amman.  My
experience with this is quite limited.  In December, when I went to Iraq
with a British citizen, we sought an invitation to visit quite a bit in
advance of actually travelling.  We did this by writing to the Iraqi
Interests' Section in London.  They responded positively, recommending an
organisation to host us.  The lead time, I think, is to allow background
research.  I don't know enough about this process, so don't know whether it
matters if you originally write from Amman or from the UK.

We then travelled to Amman (in my case) and Damascus (in my companion's
case), where we both faced the same procedure: we had to apply (and pay) for
visas.  I think that we then had to make contact twice more, so that the
time taken in Amman and Damascus was just over a full day.

The key - I think - is to make sure that you have:

(i) an invitation before you set out.  We had assumed that all of us did,
but some of our travelling companions turned out not to, so did not enter
Iraq in the end.

(ii) a letter allowing you to use the "VIP" facility at the Jordan - Iraq
border.  Without this, you may need to wait in the long queue with all the
trucks and buses.  The Interests' Section may be able to give you one of

I hope that this is of some help, but would guess that others on this list
are in a better position to comment than I am,

Colin Rowat

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Dear All,
Does anyone know if it is possible for a British citizen to get a visa for
Iraq from Amman, Jordan? If so, how long might it take?
I'd be grateful for any ideas on this.
Best wishes,
Pete Pattisson

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