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1051 holds lifted

United Nations Office of the Iraq Programme oil for food 
19 June 2001
Weekly update (9 - 15 June 2001)

Full text available at

Excerpt from weekly update (reproduced below) shows:
1) Sanctions Committee approves vaccines and other items on 1051 
list, on condition of monitoring. All part of the maneuvering on the 
resolution, no doubt.
2) New holds still being placed, however.
3) New total value of holds $3.17 billion.

As pointed out before, even if all holds were released, this would not 
solve the humanitarian crisis, and Voices is concentrating on the 
revival of the Iraqi economy as the key issue at the moment. 
Nevertheless, this is significant information about how the US and UK 
are trying to move the debate, and it undermines a lot of US/UK 
propaganda regarding holds/sanctions in the past.


[Excerpt begins]

There was a further welcome development with regard to “holds” 
last week.  The Security Council’s 661 sanctions committee approved 
four contracts worth $10.48 million for several types of human 
vaccines on the condition that the United Nations observers in Iraq 
closely monitor the end-use of those supplies.  Some of the approved
  vaccines are on the “1051 list” and had been put on hold by the 

Once delivered to Iraq, the supplies are expected to meet the 
reported shortages of human vaccines in the country.

Similarly, contracts for steel, generator sets and pesticides, some 
containing “1051” items, were approved by the Committee on 
condition of close end-use monitoring by the United Nations 
observers in Iraq.  

This welcome development is also indicative of an increasing 
confidence by the 661Committee in the ability of the United Nations 
observation mechanism to verify that supplies and materials delivered 
to Iraq under the programme are indeed being utilized for approved 

The United Nations Secretary-General and the Executive Director of 
the Iraq Programme have repeatedly appealed to both the Security 
Council and its 661 Committee to place greater confidence in the 
work of the United Nations observation mechanism in Iraq to release 
contracts from hold and expedite the approval and delivery of needed 
humanitarian supplies to Iraq.

During the week, 69 contracts worth $58.7 million were released 
from hold by the Committee and 30 new contracts valued at $74.9 
million were placed on hold.  The “releases” included two 
telecommunications contracts for a microwave monitoring system and 
a microwave station equipment, eight contracts in the health sector 
for various medical equipments and laboratory reagents, five contracts 
in the education sector, 22 for oil industry spare parts and 
equipment, as well as a number of contracts for cranes, trucks and 
irrigation systems.  

The new “holds” covered tipper trucks, water treatment equipment, 
tractors, water pumps and medical equipment.  The 
Committee members requested additional technical information or 
cited the presence of “1051” or “dual-use” items for placing these 
contracts on hold.

The total value of contracts on “hold” stood at $3.17 billion, 
representing 14.7 per cent of the value of all contracts circulated to 
the Committee.  Of the total 1,294 contracts “on hold”, 858 worth 
$2.74 billion were for humanitarian supplies and 433 worth $426 
million for oil industry spare parts and equipment. 

[Excerpt ends]

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