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Letters of support & diary (at end)

Dear All
Please send your letters of support to: we will post them on the website for people to see and they will serve to boost Sally and Corinne morale at difficult times.
We want to put them into categories:
a) MP's - Celebrities - VIPS etc
b) Organisations
c) Individuals
d) Children
e) International
1.  Tell us the category you belong to at the top of your e-mail
2.  Don't forget your name and the organisation you are from (we may also link to your site!)
3   If you are an individual you may want to state your occupation
3.  Get your children to write letters and give their name, age and which schools they go to
4.  If you are a from abroad you may want to comment on how you found out about the walk and how the ant-sanctions campaign is where you are.
5.  Post hard copies of your letters (as well as an e-mail if you can) if you are from category A or from an organisation using your letterhead (see our address below)
6.  Please inform us if you can help with media, have any ideas or anything else in another e-mail to:
Ahmed Al-Ani
Britain Against Sanctions on Iraq
Tel: 0113 2824810     Mob: 07713 742021
E-mail:     Web page:
Address: 6 Main Street, Carlton, Wakefield, WF3 3RW, UK
Sorry for the delay in posting Sally and Corinne's diary on our website today:

Fri 22nd June 2001

-Didn’t speak to the girls until Sally rang from a phone box at 8:15pm because they did not have mobile reception all day


Managed to reach their day 2 destination safe and sound by around 4:30pm. They are happy that they covered 23 miles and are now at Latherton.

Sally: "8 blisters and a dog bite later we’re fine! (how bad?) It didn’t quite draw blood but it left me with a nasty graze" - She was her usual self and not to worry.

Corinne: "After the muscle aches of yesterday, today was definitely the day of the blister" we have asked for pictures of their blisters and injuries. Apparently they are photogenic, especially Corinne's - look out for them here soon!

Corinne: "We trekked across barren Mooreland all day, covering 23 miles and hardly meeting a soul or a sheep for that matter - not the best day for campaigning if they couldn't even find sheep to share their opinions with!

Sally: "We are both sunburned"  we didn't understand their explanation, (no sunshine)...but it was something to do with the clouds!

-Catch up with us tomorrow to see how the girls fared on Saturday-

Thu 21st June 2001

-Phoned at 8pm, Sally answered...both girls still in high spirits...despite the atrocious Highland weather.


They've  survived their first day and arrived at Loch Watten...Today they did 15-16 miles according to their pedometer.


Sally was very afraid of suffocation as her tent is a glorified tesco's carrier bag . when asked she said  "Still breathing but I'm moulding due to the condensation".


Corinne was "so cold I had to sleep in my survival bag".


When asked for anything they might urgently need they requested "a personnel masseur!"


The good news is tonight the owner of the campsite gave them a caravan to spend the night in because he sympathised with their campaign! So they are spending the night in five star luxury so Sally's mould should dry out!

Wed 20th June 2001

-Phoned at 10pm Corinne picked up...could hear Sally laughing in the background throughout:


They are at a campsite somewhere in John O'Groats and are very excited about their 1st day walking tomorrow.


"The Taxi Driver from the train station to the Campsite was very enthusiastic he took 2 sponsorship forms and seemed to know everything about Iraq - very encouraging"


"Its reeeeeally windy our tents have nearly blown over a few times. Hope they survive the night" (because Sally and Corinne are carrying their own equipment for the whole 1,200 miles they are using ultra light equipment. Not to worry they seemed to have it under control and found it amusing )


"Its freeeeezing cold  but soooo much fun (why?) because we must be MAD!"


"Oh and I had a cold 'baked potato' but I won't go into the details!" (Sally laughing even louder at her in the background)



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