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The "Dual Use" Annex

The annex to the UK's draft resolution to the Security Council is now on
CASI's website at:

This annex ("Proposed Goods Review List") consists of a list of items that
the UK still claims to be "dual use", and which will remain subject to
import sanctions (and the overview of the sanctions committee) if the
resolution is passed. The exact contents of this list will be one of the
main topics of discussion in the Security Council over the next month, I

A couple of interpretative comments: the non-expert will not be able to
decipher what most of the items on the list consist of, or what other
(civilian) uses most of these items have. Personally, I've got no idea of
how important "hydrogen-isotope thyratrons" (#11) are for the healthy
functioning of a non-WMD State's basic economy. If you are able to
provide critical insight into any of the items on the list - or know
anyone who can - then CASI would love to hear from you!

That said, some of the items on the list do seem to be extremely broad
and significant. For example, item #8.a: "Electronic test equipment" -
without any qualifications. All civil aircraft components are also barred

Finally - and slightly more speculatively - the annex to this "UK
resolution" doesn't seem to have been produced by the UK at all. One only
need look at the spellings of "color", "fiber" etc to guess where this
annex (and, I imagine, the draft resolution itself) originated from.

Thanks especially to Rahul for his help in the production of this.

Glen Rangwala.

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