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Boycott call against Exxon Mobil


Boycott call against Exxon Mobil

In March of this year, George W. Bush announced that the United States would not ratify the Kyoto 
Treaty. Bush justified his rejection of the Kyoto Treaty stating it would not be in the best 
economic interests of the American people. It appears this rejection is more a response to Bush 
needing to payback the large corporations who paid for his presidential election campaign, namely 
Exxon Mobil. 

                         Obviously, global warming is the most serious threat for the survival of 
                        humankind. The U.S. is the world's largest producer of greenhouse gas
                        producing 25% of the worldwide C02 emissions with just 4% of the world's

                        Global warming is becoming more and more apparent. The warmest decade on 
                        record was the 1990's with 1998 being the warmest year ever. At this 
                        trend, in less than 15 years, the glacier on Africa's Kilimanjaro, will 

                        At the beginning of this year, the IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental
                        Panel on Climate Change) discovered that the poorest parts of the world's
                        population will suffer the greatest from the effects of global warming. 
                        who depend on agriculture, fishing, and forestry will be devastated, and 
                        inhabitants of the world's last rainforests will be doomed to watch their
                        environment be destroyed by climate change. Furthermore, people will suffer
                        from global warming worldwide. If we don't act now, we can expect to see a
                        higher frequency of storms, floods and disastrous droughts as a result of
                        climate changes. Famine and disease will spread further into developing
                        countries, and streams of refugees will begin to flow outward. 

                        In response to the irresponsible climate policy of George W. Bush an 
                        encouraging him to not ratify the Kyoto treaty, we feel forced to take 

                        We support the consumer boycott called out at the 1st World Conference of
                        the Green Parties, and we will help bring this idea into the public's mind 
                        actions and through public relations. 

PLEASE GOTO /index0/html for more on this and reson 5 
reson why You shoul boycot etc..

One Love Mozaz..

Ps if you have news views articals and other stuff ypu might consider of intrest why not let the 
world and there friends know post them to as an htlm file would be 

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