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Talking Points on Smart Sanctions

Hello, all. I haven't posted to the list before. I am currently 
working on the sanctions as part of the National Network to End the 
War Against Iraq.

In that regard, I have created (with considerable material from 
Voices in the Wilderness, EPIC, and Voices UK) a document of talking 
points and quotations about smart sanctions, including especially the 
UK resolution.

It's on the web at It has 
been publicized in a number of places, including on Mariam Appeal's 
Iraq Sanctions Monitor. If any of you find it useful, please don't 
hesitate to publicize it further.

When I wrote it, I didn't have the draft resolution to scrutinize and 
had to work from media reports about the resolution. I think 
everything stands up, except that I couldn't find explicit mention in 
the UK draft of any provision raising the percentage deducted for the 
UN Compensation Commission from 25% to 30%, although an article in 
the Washington Post 
mentioned it.

Unfortunately, reading resolution-ese is not easy, and it's quite 
possible I missed something. It seems clear that there is at least 
implicit provision for deducting more money, partly through bringing 
more funds under Oil for Food and partly through unspecified 
compensations to Turkey, Jordan, and Syria for losses they may incur.

Does anyone know if it is, in fact, true that the deduction will be 
explicitly increased to 30%?

In solidarity,

Rahul Mahajan
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