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RE: resolution formally introduced today

Thanks for the alert Gabriel.  I've just spoken to someone here at the UK
mission to the UN trying to get a copy of the draft text.  He said that
"Edith's way out of line.  You don't publicly circulate drafts."  He is
happy to pass on a copy, but suggested that I call back tomorrow.  I'll do

While looking for a draft on the FCO website I did come across something
that might be of interest to members of this list, especially to the
students.  There's an "economics essay" competition, with a top prize of
2000 pounds to "the best essay which addresses an international economic
issue likely to pose major challenges for policy makers over the next five
years."  More details are here:

By the way, given Saddam's helpful rejection of this latest proposal
yesterday, it may be important for us to seek to explicitly distance our own
positions from his statements.  The context that I've been using in my
letters to editors is to say that expanded green lists (the gist of these
proposals) are a good thing, but certainly insufficient.

Colin Rowat

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