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Re: Article: Sanctions of Mass Destruction

I'm confidernt that the remarkable article by Mueller & Mueller will be
extremely useful. I was astonished that one author teaches at Air War College at
Maxwell Air Force Base. (But then the same shop published a remarkably candid
article about "Nuclear Winter" about a decade ago.)
     For me the most compelling points that M & M make are

          * more Iraqis have been killed by sanctions than by all victims of
          * the danger of WMDs are grossly exagerated.


Ahmed Al-Ani on CASI list wrote:

> Dear Friends
> Following BASI's recent success:
> I have been given the task of writing an article for the Leeds Student Paper
> wich has a circulation of over 50,000 and reaches 34,000 students. Its going
> to be a full page in the comments section. I have decided to entitle the
> article 'Sanctions of Mass Destruction'. I will argue that the sanctions on
> Iraq themselves are the worst type of weopon of mass destruction as they are
> indiscrimate and hurt the weakest and most vulnerable that they fall on.
> I want to attempt to expose the myth that Iraq is a viable threat to the
> world and rebute the foreign office statement that:
> 'economic' sanctions have played a vital role in preventing Sadam Hussein
> from rebuilding his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.
> I need some help with this my deadline is tomorrow!!! (wed) afternoon 5pm. I
> need the following:
> 1. A Defination for Weapon of Mass Destruction
> 2. Documents of figures that the west (US and UK) have these weopons, e.g.
> how many nuclear war heads etc.
> 3. Documents of History that the west has used these...e.g. hiroshima
> 4. Also when was it that BRITAIN gassed the Kurds and what happended,
> fatalities, media reaction.
> 5. Also what happened when IRAQ gassed the Kurds, fatalities, media reaction
> and most importantly did they continue to sell arms to Sadam?
> 5. Quotes from senior UN Inspectors like Richard Butler and Scott Ritter
> saying that Iraq is no longer a threat and that the sanctions as currently
> applied to Iraq are counterproductive.
> 6. No Fly zones - how they are not really there to protect the Iraqis of the
> South and was touched upon in th Pilger's Documentary especially
> by Felicity Arbuthnot.
> I wish to also expose the double standard that the west has when it comes to
> dealing with if you have anything for this section please include
> it.
> I am not sure if this is correct but it has been mentioned to me that there
> was an article/report entitled 'Sanctions of Mass Destruction' produced
> already...I would love to get my hands on it.
> Ahmed Al-Ani
> Britain Against Sanctions on Iraq
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