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RE: Article: Sanctions of Mass Destruction

        >2. Documents of figures that the west (US and UK) have these
weopons, e.g.
> how many nuclear war heads etc.
        UK developed Antrax biological weapons in 1940s. UK used lethal
chemical weapons in WW1 and 'sub-lethal' (ie occasionally lethal) chemical
weapons thereafter. The best bet for finding out this sort of info is the
Federation of American Scientists website (

> 3. Documents of History that the west has used these...e.g. hiroshima
        Hiroshima August 4th 1945, Nagasaki August 9th 1945.

> 4. Also when was it that BRITAIN gassed the Kurds and what happended,
> fatalities, media reaction.
        I'm not sure that this ever happened. I've never seen any conclusive
proof that it did: it seems to be a rumour started from the fact that the UK
*considered* using lethal gas in Kurdistan. Churchill was in favour. Bomber
Harris, incidentally, wasn't. But I have no evidence, nor have I ever seen
any, that it was ever used. And I've looked. If anyone can point me to any,
I'll check it out with an open mind.

        Between WW1 and WW2, the RAF did engage in indiscriminate
'punishment' bombing of villages in Kurdistan, Somalia and Afghanistan. This
included the deliberate use of delayed action bombs designed to cause
civilian casualties. Source: 'Air Power and Colonial control' by David

        Chris Williams

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