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Article: Sanctions of Mass Destruction

Dear Friends

Following BASI's recent success:
I have been given the task of writing an article for the Leeds Student Paper
wich has a circulation of over 50,000 and reaches 34,000 students. Its going
to be a full page in the comments section. I have decided to entitle the
article 'Sanctions of Mass Destruction'. I will argue that the sanctions on
Iraq themselves are the worst type of weopon of mass destruction as they are
indiscrimate and hurt the weakest and most vulnerable that they fall on.

I want to attempt to expose the myth that Iraq is a viable threat to the
world and rebute the foreign office statement that:
'economic' sanctions have played a vital role in preventing Sadam Hussein
from rebuilding his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

I need some help with this my deadline is tomorrow!!! (wed) afternoon 5pm. I
need the following:
1. A Defination for Weapon of Mass Destruction
2. Documents of figures that the west (US and UK) have these weopons, e.g.
how many nuclear war heads etc.
3. Documents of History that the west has used these...e.g. hiroshima
4. Also when was it that BRITAIN gassed the Kurds and what happended,
fatalities, media reaction.
5. Also what happened when IRAQ gassed the Kurds, fatalities, media reaction
and most importantly did they continue to sell arms to Sadam?
5. Quotes from senior UN Inspectors like Richard Butler and Scott Ritter
saying that Iraq is no longer a threat and that the sanctions as currently
applied to Iraq are counterproductive.
6. No Fly zones - how they are not really there to protect the Iraqis of the
South and was touched upon in th Pilger's Documentary especially
by Felicity Arbuthnot.

I wish to also expose the double standard that the west has when it comes to
dealing with if you have anything for this section please include

I am not sure if this is correct but it has been mentioned to me that there
was an article/report entitled 'Sanctions of Mass Destruction' produced
already...I would love to get my hands on it.


Ahmed Al-Ani
Britain Against Sanctions on Iraq

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