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Re: Banned Goods

Dear all

>chlorine imports to Iraq are restricted (they're permitted enough 
>water purification - as determined by the 661 Committee - and each 
>tank is labeled and its use is closely monitored). I also recall 
>hearing reports early on in the OFF program that not enough 
>chlorine was being approved, but I believe that problem has been 

According to a UNDP report I was given in Baghdad, there is actually 
a UN-assisted chlorine production facility in Iraq.

>Elizabeth, there's no such thing as a list of banned items, but 
>here's a list of items that have at one time or another been part of a 
>contract the 661 Committee has blocked or disallowed: 
>This list is problematic, I know, but I've used items from the list on 
>a table to demonstrate the effect of sanctions & it is a powerful 
>display. As long as you don't claim that these items are "banned" 
>per se, I think you're okay..

Voices does not regard this list as useable.

It has no basis in decisions of the Sanctions Committee. 

You will note that the list was originally taken from the Iraq Action 
Coalition. It is no longer on their website, in part because of the 
emergence of the green lists.

We understand that this table was compiled by taking a standard list 
of civilian goods and striking out all those which could be defined as 
'food' or 'medicine'. 

It therefore is not a record of 'items that have at one time or another 
been part of a contract the 661 Committee has blocked or 
disallowed'. I don't believe that Elias Davidsson, the originator of the 
list, has ever claimed that it was.

Ambulances I know are on the green list for health. I think 'Balls for 
children's sport' are too. 'Books all categories' doesn't reflect present 
realities - textbooks are being imported under OFF.

The idea of this 'banned' list is to shock people. But a lot of people in 
the world cannot buy most of these goods, don't use them in ordinary 
life. I'm not sure how shocking it is that people supposedly couldn't 
buy chiffon or dictaphones. The lack of these goods has not 
contributed to the humanitarian crisis.

We think this list is more than 'problematic'. It is misleading. We urge 
everyone to find more accurate ways of communicating and 
illustrating the crisis in Iraq

Milan Rai
Voices in the Wilderness UK

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