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Re: Banned Goods


Not to beleaguer the point, Milan's summary was excellent, but... 
chlorine imports to Iraq are restricted (they're permitted enough for 
water purification - as determined by the 661 Committee - and each 
tank is labeled and its use is closely monitored). I also recall 
hearing reports early on in the OFF program that not enough 
chlorine was being approved, but I believe that problem has been 

Elizabeth, there's no such thing as a list of banned items, but 
here's a list of items that have at one time or another been part of a 
contract the 661 Committee has blocked or disallowed:

This list is problematic, I know, but I've used items from the list on 
a table to demonstrate the effect of sanctions & it is a powerful 
display. As long as you don't claim that these items are "banned" 
per se, I think you're okay..

A quick question for everyone, though (and one I've been unable to 
get a satisfactory answer for as yet) - according to the OIP, less 
than 50% of the contracts *already approved* by the 661 
Committee have actually been delivered to Iraq. This strikes me as 
perhaps the most serious failure of the entire program. Does 
anyone know why less than 50% of approved contracts make it 
into the country?

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