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RE: report: "A Mother's Glimpse into the Life andDeath of Iraq"

Interesting that Mr Williams cites the address not the address as had been posted... which indicates 
beyond doubt that *he has not actually looked for himself* - since if 
he had he would have seen that the website he mentions is the old 
one, and is now just a mirror of "".
Perhaps readers ought to do their own thinking, and also begin to 
wonder about Mr Williams' motives and affiliations.
Incidentally, the person he mentions is not Third Way's leader, and 
as to what sort of organisation it is - well, he's wrong (if he was 
right, what would that by comparison make New Labour?)... but go see 
for yourselves rather than taking the word of some would-be censor 
who could well be a Stazi State asset.

And if the item on Iraq can help the campaign, then use it.

>Readers ought to note that Third Way is a fascist organisation. See:
>and you'll find an article by third way's leader, Patrick Harrington, former
>of the fascist National Front.
>Can the moderators throw off the list, please?
>Chris Williams
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>>  Sent:       Saturday, April 28, 2001 5:53 AM
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>>  Subject:    report: "A Mother's Glimpse into the Life and Death of Iraq"
>>  3W supports the campaign to end sanctions against the people of Iraq.
>>  On our website there is a report by an American lady, Krista Clement,
>>  on the sitiation in Iraq for ordinary people. We have already found
>>  that it communicates well to the public...
>>  The article may be reproduced if that will assist in the campaign.
>  > See
>>  there is a button in the left-hand column marked "Iraq Special".
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