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Upcoming Elections Campaign in Britain

Hello everyone,

This message is directed to residents of the UK, who are about to have the,
once in a four or five year, experience, of their views probably being
considered. I believe it is an opportunity for us, particularly those in
marginal constituencies, to bring the issue of the Sanctions imposed on
Iraq, and their impact on the constituents of the Iraqi society, to the
attention of the politicians who are vying to acquire the power of political

My feeling is that most, if not all, of the parties have a position on the
sanctions. Questions that come to my mind, that should be asked are
1. What their view is on human rights?
2. Do they think that all human being should be accorded human rights?
3. What will they do, if the support the accordance of human rights to all,
in the case of the rights of people being abused?
4. If their leader supports a policy that abuses the rights of human beings,
what will their position be?
5. Are they aware that there is violation of human rights that have resulted
from the position of the UK government, which is virtually isolated, along
with the Americans, on the subject (Quotes, if available, from sources such
as the UN bodies could be used)?
6. What is their position on the issue of sanction imposed, and supported by
both Britain and America?

If their answer to question 6, follows what could be interpreted as a party
line, you could refer them to question 2.

I acknowledge all of you who have kept the campaign alive, for your
fortitude and inspirit, in the stand that you take for mankind, and the kind
of world in which we all can live in harmony.


Paul Abbey

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