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this is more for those from the US, so sorry for those whom this is not

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TUESDAY, April 3, 2001

As a debate ensues between moderates calling for "easing sanctions" and
hardliner demanding "regime change" and tighter sanctions, DON'T REMAIN
SILENT.  If the hardliners win, another U.S. Administration will be locked
into maintaining a siege that has already claimed over one million lives.
Please join us and other concerned folks around the country.  On April 3rd,
plan to make at least two phone calls to Washington, DC.  Calls should
target: (1) U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell at 202-647-5291 AND (2)
your Representative via the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121.  See
details below.

WHY APRIL 3rd?  On April 3rd, 1991, the UN Security Council (UNSC) passed
Resolution 687, which reinstated sanctions against Iraq following the Gulf
War.  As stated by the scholar, Sarah Graham Brown: "This was the first
time such a draconian UN embargo had been imposed on a state which had just
suffered severe infrastructural damage in the course of a war (p. 57)"  In
other words, when the Iraqi people needed international support to rebuild
their country, they were hit with international isolation.

Resolution 687 also established the infamous 661 Sanctions Committee, which
decides what goods are allowed or not allowed into Iraq.  Composed of
representatives of the UN Security Council in New York City, this committee
is currently holding up over 1,600 contracts, including $2.9 billion of
humanitarian supplies.  Mark the 10-year anniversary of Resolution 687 by
demanding an end to the 661 Committee.  An economy of over 23 million
people should not be controlled by bureaucrats in New York City.

(1)  CALL SECRETARY OF STATE COLIN POWELL at 202-647-5291 or fax

Thank the Secretary of State for publicly acknowledging the need to
alleviate the suffering of ordinary Iraqis.  Remind him that the UN
Oil-for-Food program cannot address the dire poverty (over 50% of the
population lives below the poverty line) and unemployment underlying Iraq's
humanitarian crisis. Urge Powell to eliminate the 661 Sanctions Committee
and other obstacles that prevent the restoration of civilian economic life
to Iraq.  

Support recently introduced legislation to lift sanctions. Representative
Conyers (D-MI) and 9 other Members of Congress have introduced H.R 742, the
Humanitarian Exports Leading to Peace (H.E.L.P.) Act of 2001.  If passed,
H.R. 742 would change U.S. law to allow farmers, relief organizations and
companies to export food, medicine and agricultural goods directly to Iraq.
 Circumventing the 661 Committee, U.S. trade with Iraq would hasten the end
of the trade embargo.  H.R. 742 also calls on the U.S. Government to take
all necessary steps to end the suffering of innocent populations in Iraq.
For details and the full text of the bill visit (EPIC's new home page for grassroots

Call your Representatives via the Congressional switchboard at 202/225-3121
or 202/224-3121! Urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 742, the Humanitarian Exports
Leading to Peace Act of 2001. When you call, ask for the foreign policy
staffer. Be prepared to leave a brief voice message and your phone number
if necessary. If your Representative has already co-sponsored this
important legislation, thank them for their support. 

Don't know who your congressperson is?  Want their direct phone number and
contact information?  Visit and scroll down to "Elected
Officials". Punch in your zip code and follow the links to get the phone
number for your Representative in Washington. 


Sponsors: Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC), Free Iraq Foundation
(FIF), Muslim Student Association of USA & Canada (MSA), Student Peace
Action Network (SPAN), Union of Arab Student Associations (UASA) and the
National Network to End the War Against Iraq (NNEWAI).

Info: For more info and to get in touch with other students/groups planning
this action on campuses nationwide, email

1101 Penn. Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003 
202-543-6176; 202-546-5103 (fax)

Visit us on the web at  
for more information and NEW updates. 

  William J. (Bill) Thomson, Ph.D.

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