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If you go to the 'news: akhbar' page there will be more details presented by two other articles. If I remember correctly, these also included the mention of issues on prisoners of war ( on both sides) and more details/recommendations re sanctions debate that will be put forward in the next sumit to be held in Lebanon. As youre keen on translating , then you can post this to the list should you wish to do so.
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These are the paragraphs that mentions Iraq in ASHARQ ALAWASAT translated for your use.

((the Iraqi foreign minister Mohamed Saeed Assahaf accused Kuwait of causing the summit to reach a decision to lift the sanctions and to abolish the no fly zones. while the Kuwaiti foreign minester sheikh Sabah Alahmed affirmed that the summit's decision on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait was agreed upon unanimously, and added that the decision targeted the interest of Iraq and its nation.))

((the summit formed a committee by the Jordanian king Abdullah the second to follow up the file of the case between Iraq and Kuwait. and in an press interview prince Sultan Ibin Abdulaziz the Saudi minister for defense and air force said yesterday before leaving Amman "we wanted to help Iraq but Iraq didn't want to help its self therefore the committee formed by the summit will expend an effort we are not abide by" and commented " but lets see, any way, what will they come up with" ))


Shihab Almahdawi

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This ones in Arabic, sorry cant translate it, but posted for those who may be interested and can read Arabic.
First headline.

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