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Fwd: Re: March Against Sanctions

Dear all,

I thought this sounds worthwhile supporting.


>>>My name is Ahmed Shames, I spoke to you on the second day of the CASI
>>>Conference about a demonstration we are organising on Sunday 8th April.
>>>I have attached our Mission Statement which has details about the march.
>>>We are trying to unite as many anti-sanctions' groups and societies as
>>>possible, in a time when sanctions are at their weakest. At the same time
>>>we're looking to involve the large Iraqi community in London, by holding
>>>it on the anniversary of the execution of a famous Iraqi scholar -
>>>Ayatullah Mohammad Baqir As-Sadr.
>>>We would therefore greatly appreciate your backing and support.
>>>Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
>>>Kind regards.
>>>Yours sincerely,
>>>Ahmed Shames

                 Mission Statement
>>>In support of the Iraqi people, we will be holding a march from Marble 
>>>Arch to Trafalgar Square on Sunday 8th April, 2001 commencing at 3:00pm. 
>>>We demand an end to the suffering of the Iraqi people, caused primarily 
>>>by the economic sanctions imposed on the country by the UN for the past decade.
>>>Unicef estimates that an additional half million Iraqi children under 
>>>five have died since sanctions were imposed in 1990. Two UN Assistant 
>>>Secretary-Generals, sent to Iraq to run the UN’s humanitarian programme, 
>>>have resigned and now campaign against the sanctions. The second, Hans 
>>>von Sponeck, asked, “How long should the civilian population be exposed 
>>>to such punishment for something that they have never done?”
>>>A growing number of countries - including France, the Netherlands, and 
>>>Canada ­ and organisations ­ including the Liberal Democrats, Amnesty 
>>>International, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the 
>>>Catholic and Anglican Churches ­ are attacking the sanctions. Britain 
>>>remains publicly supportive of the US’ hardline policy, in spite of this 
>>>growing chorus of criticism. It also routinely accuses sanctions 
>>>opponents of sympathy for the Iraqi regime
>>>We completely condemn the oppressive Iraqi regime, which has contributed 
>>>to the destruction of an entire people and catalysed the destructive 
>>>effects of the sanctions on the innocent population. However, this does 
>>>not make Britain's support for the economic sanctions any less criminal. 
>>>In particular, we regard elected officials who support this policy as 
>>>having a hand in this crime.
>>>All are welcome to attend. If you have any further questions, please do 
>>>not hesitate to contact us at , or if 
>>>you prefer, you can call us on 07801 289 148.



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