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RE: Flights to Iraq

> I understand that there are flights to Iraq via Jordan. Can
> anyone tell me where I can find out more about the
> availability of these and other flights to Iraq?

Dear Eric,

Thanks for your question.  As I understand it - and I have slightly lost
track of this story - there are still no regularly scheduled flights from
Jordan.  There had been discussion of such late in 2000, but Jordan was
apparently told to back off on this.  Walking a fine line between Iraqi
pressure on one hand and US pressure on the other, Jordan did so.  So, as I
understand it, there are fairly regular flights from Jordan, but these are
not scheduled commercial flights.  Approval is still sought from the 661
Committee.  More information would be available from Royal Jordanian, whose
flights these are.

As to "other flights" - again, I do not believe that any of them are
scheduled.  My recent general knowledge comes from a conversation with a
diplomatic contact last week.  The explanation given then was that almost
all flights in still request and receive 661 Committee approval.  The
Committee has still to resolve the problem that arose last year when the
flights restarted (remember that there were flights to Iraq throughout the
1990s, until the Iraqi government decided that it wanted more political
flights), namely that of what the requirements for flights are.  Therefore,
while SCR 670, which emphasises that the trade restrictions with Iraq also
apply to airborne trade, never restricts personal movements, some 661
members require passenger lists before approving a flight.  As I understand
it, the technical people have finished with the flight requirement debate
and it's now gone to the political people to decide upon.

In any case, France and Russia do not request approval.  They merely notify.
Syria and Libya do not even do this, apparently.

As to availability, many of the flights that I've heard about seem to be
organised as "one offs": word circulates among the concerned community that
there's to be a flight; people sign up, etc.

Does this help?


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