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Dear Group,
> > >> >>From: Philippa Winkler, Desert Concerns
> > >> >>Re:  UN Commission on Human Rights March
> >          19-April 24, 2001--
> > >> >>
> > >> >>
> > >> >>  The Bossuyt report on sanctions, including those on Iraq, generated 
> positive response at the UN Sub-Commission for the Promotion and
> Protection of Human Rights (see  UN Doc. E/CN.4/Sub.2/2000/33),
> During the debate on this report, a number of Members even refered to the
> sanctions against Iraq as "genocidal."
> An increased number of countries have begun to "break" the
> "illegal" sanctions: Jordan, France, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco,
> Algeria, Greece, Tunisia, Turkey, Germany, Japan and more. And of course, by
> now many others. These countries now have an
> "official" UN analysis that the sanctions are in violation of the Geneva
> Conventions and may refer to it when challenging the United States on the
> blockade.
> >
> The Bossuyt report was written with Karen Parker's close cooperation. Karen
> >is the attorney for International Educational Development Inc, an ngo
> accredited to the UN. This month, KAREN PARKER will be lobbying for the UN
> Commission on Human Rights to circulate the Bossuyt document. It is, of
> course, already circulating as an official UN document, but a request from 
> Comm'n is an endorsement. She also  will urge the Comm'n to undertake action
> based on the negative effect of broad, economic sanctions on human rights 
> humanitarian law rights. Action may take the form of a Chairperson's
> statement, speeches from key governments, language changes in the 
> resolution on Iraq, or possibly a separate resolution on economic sanctions
> and human rights. It is very important that actions show growing consensus
> that the current economic sanctions against Iraq are a violation of human
> rights, the Geneva Conventions etc. The Commission and the General Assembly
> have already denounced the US sanctions against Cuba. Remember, the 
> is the ONLY official international forum where governments and NGOs are
> debating sanctions on Iraq and how they impact human rights. The US and UK
> need to hear all
> this prior to the next round of debates in the Security Council. The US
> appears to have gotten the message of the Sub-Commission. Let's keep the
> pressure up, folks. Karen will also be pushing on the DEPLETED URANIUM 
> > >> >>
> ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Activists should write their
> concerns to the "missions" of France, Italy, Russia, China, perhaps UK, in
> Geneva or New York, and address it to their human rights departments.  (A
> Country's representation at international bodies is called a "mission" and 
> another country is called an "embassy." Thus a communication to say France
> would be addressed: The Mission of France to the United Nations at [New
> York][Geneva]. Geneva is probably the best as the "human rights" staff from
> New York for each
> country usually is part of the delegation in Geneva.) When you write,
> reference
> Sub-Comm'n Resolution 25 on the Commission's agenda (E/CN.4/2001/1/Add.1)
> under Agenda item 10 at para 99 at page 24.
> Sub-Commission Resolution 2000-25 sent the Bossuyt working paper to the 
> for consideration. Ask that the Bossuyt document is endorsed and that the
> Commission expresses its concerns about the sanctions.
> > >> >>
> > >> >>REGARDING FUNDS, Karen needs support for travel to the Commission in
> > >>Geneva.
> > >> >>Please make out any checks to Association of Humanitarian Lawyers. 
> >to Daniel Robicheau, Social and Behavioral
> >Sciences Box 86011, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ 86011, USA.
> > >> >>
> >Many thanks to Women for Mutual Security, especially Mme Margerita
> >Papandreou, and to Dr Beatrice Boctor, who first heard my call in 1996
> >and went to the Commission to get the ball rolling -- to Bridges to Baghdad
> >who also supported this effort, and to Karen for keeping the ball rolling
> >ever since, we owe her a lot..
> > >> >>
> > >> >>In peace, Philippa Winkler,
> > >>Desert Concerns, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
> > >> >>
> > >> >>
> >
> >"kiss the mountain air we breathe"
> Philippa Winkler
> "kiss the mountain air we breathe"

Philippa Winkler
"kiss the mountain air we breathe"

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