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Re: Amnesty UK board elections

Hi Richard. Glenn here again, re: Amnesty board elections.

I've read my ballot papers now and honestly don't think it will make much
difference who you vote for, in terms of sanctions at least. AI is moving
much more towards dealing with sanctions, though how far remains to be
decided in August at the International Council Meeting. Each country's AGM
(UK 6 APril) informs that meeting.

We have a motion at the AGM requesting AI to go further on sanctions than
its current internal documents suggest they will.

>I immediately remembered that there had been some discussions >on this
>list about Amnesty's position on the sanctions, and the effort to try to
>get Amnesty to modify its mandate so that it can oppose sanctions

>So, does anyone here recommend any of the candidates?  None of them mention
>Iraq, although I did notice that Tom Hedley said that he favours "the 'full
>spectrum' approach outlined in the outgoing Mandate Review" - is that the
>kind of thing we're talking about?

To be honest, that is probably the only candidate  I wouldn't vote for. The
'full spectrum approach' and the debate about whether to use it is a
complicated affair. It would theoretically allow AI to work on sanctions in
any way it chose. But in my view it is a potential disaster for the
organisation. I think the problems it is trying to solve will be magnified
many times if it is implemented. There are other ways, I think, and we have
a motion to the AGM addressing this as well. Shan't go into it here, but can
do later if you're interested.



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