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* CASI's new "guide to sanctions" *

dear Discussion List members

Over the past few days, Casi has been putting together a new
introduction to sanctions on Iraq for its website. We now have a
"Guide" in draft form on the web: 

We anticipate that when this Guide is linked from the main CASI site,
it will be extensively used, both by newcomers to the issue of sanctions
and also by more informed activists, using the Guide as a reference
point to find out recent information about a particular issue. Currently,
the CASI website receives over 17,000 visitors per month, and so it's
important to make sure that this Guide is as informative and well-written
as anti-sanctions campaigners have the capacity for.

This, I hope, is where discussion list members can help! At the moment,
all we have is short, pithy articles about 9 major issues, such as oil for
food and SCR 1284. All of these articles can be considerably improved --
you may be able to find inaccuracies in the existing articles, to put them
into better language or add supplementary sections. You may want to
re-write articles completely, because they can (undoubtedly) be done
better; you may also want to add new articles about relevant topics. Also,
if you have web design skills, you may be able to help make the site more
user-friendly and accessible. 

If you have the opportunity to help us develop these articles, then please
do. At the moment, I don't know of any similar user-friendly
web introductions to sanctions, and so this Guide could provide a
considerable benefit for the anti-sanctions campaign. The guide is
intended to be an on-going project: each article will be improved and
updated over time as new events occur and according to the suggestions and
comments we receive. At the moment, if you do have comments about the
Guide and suggested improvements, please send them to me (rather than to
the address on the site), and - if we think the Guide has reached a
sufficient standard - we'll link it from the main CASI website sometime
next week.

Thanks for your help.
Best wishes,
Glen Rangwala.

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