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Re: Constructive campaigning

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From: Antony Nelson
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 10:26 AM
Subject: Constructive campaigning

'I do agree that any statement should be a statement of fact but, more then
this I am begining to question what can be acheived by challenging the
sanctions and the bombing useing argument. People have a nasty tendancy to
be stuborn MP's included and I suspect that most arguments serve only to
reinforce the pro sanctions position which they (are told) to hold.'

If we divide the population into three categories:
1) people who can be swayed by argument and evidence
2) people who cannot be swayed by argument and evidence
3) MPs

We have information, evidence and argument to use with category (1).
Category (2) is out of reach.
Category (3) are primarily affected by perceptions of self interest, ie
pressure. On the analysis so far, the only pressure we can create is by
mobilising people in category (1).

So the quality of information, evidence and argument is critical to the
success of the campaign, and the future of millions of ordinary families in

'The main problem which I see is that the MP's are so full of self
importance that they no longer see a world populated by people but rather a
world populated by MP's. So it is perfectly acceptable for them to criple
and bomb a country since the only people who are important to them are the
political leaders who reside there. The big question is how to demostrate to
a politician that the people of the world are far more important then the

If the analysis above is reliable, we are lucky in that there is no need to
change the internal moral fabric of our politicians, but merely to rouse
ordinary people who can still feel outrage and shame and anger and
compassion, and who are willing to be honest and follow logic.

Together, we ordinary people can exert enough pressure on politicians to
make a difference to their behaviour, even though they may remain
self-serving and self-important (in Antony's analysis).



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