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telegraph poll

Apologies for those of you who weren't able to find the Telegraph's poll in
Iraq. It was in the feedback section but has closed now. The final result
was a 'slim majority' in favour of bombing (55.01% in favour, 44.98%
against) in what the Telegraph called a 'close vote.'

Below are the comments sent to the site (which are by no means all in
favour) :

Until the Iraqis and Saddam in particular learn to behave as civilised
members of this world they should be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Bombing Serbia was barbaric and so is this. It makes me feel ashamed to be

I don't know but I do not approve of bombing as a rule.

No. The Middle East is already a time bomb with the Palestinian issue.

There can be no compromise with thugs.

Do we never learn from history? This tyrant must be put down or he will come
back to haunt us in future years.

Once upon a time we used to be the good guys... now I am ashamed to be
British .

We cannot possibly let Saddam think that he can go back to the old ways. The
safety of our pilots is of paramount importance.

I'm sure there must be another way.

If the UK and US are incapable of getting international support perhaps it
is time to review policy. UK/USA policies should be driven by international
agreements and support. This is a very slippery slope without international
approval. There is a PR problem.

Anyone can see that it is the Iraqi people and not Saddam who are suffering
as a result of the bombing.

The US and Britain should stop being hypocrites. They are acting as bullies
and nothing else. What they do not realise is that they are breeding hatred
for themselves so they should not complain when they are targeted.

Bombing is a drastic action and involves killing people. What will be gained
from this aggression? It will not dislodge Saddam and will only provide him
with more propaganda. I am very sad that Britain is involved in this. Surely
we can develop our own distinct foreign policy and not go along with
American gung-ho tactics. All British travellers and expats are now in
danger of further terrorist attacks due to this awful policy.

The only justification for such aggressive measures is self defence. If
Britain were in any danger I would be for action but that is not the case. I
do not endorse violence simply in order to show who is boss. This is a very
American attitude and I am deeply ashamed that Britain is going along with
it. The root problem is the perception of the Middle East in western eyes. I
have now lived in the Middle East for five years and have found the Arabs to
be warm hearted and gentle people. Unfortunately the western press only
reports the actions of fanatics Arabs should not be judged on the actions of
a few. We are in fact in more danger from Irish terrorists financed by
Americans and yet no one would dream of bombing Ireland. Let's treat people
in the Middle East with the respect they deserve. Saddam is a terrible
leader but dropping bombs will not get rid of him. Violence leads to
violence and this action will put the lives of innocent British travellers
and expats in danger, and for what? What does America think is going to be
gained? Don't they realise how much resentment bombing stirs up. How would
America feel if a larger country was dropping bombs on them.

Is it a coincidence that George W Bush is bombing his father's old foe
immediately on entering the White House.

We are committing crimes against humanity for no gain at all. The Iraqis are
not likely to overthrow Hussein and whoever we put in will not last. We
should allow the Iraqis to rebuild their shattered economy.

Britain and the US are there to protect neighbouring countries. If they
notice anything going off or become fired upon they should use force at
their own discretion. If they have to keep asking permissions from
politicians then one day our military out there may no longer be in the sky
due to being shot down. The system they have in place is too bureaucratic
for the situation. Should use their own judgments on force with Iraq as that
is what they have been trained for.

Britain is still the lapdog for the US President.

Saddam is obviously not too bright as a leader. Any power he can acquire
will most likely be used in creating conflict and strife in the region and
he needs to be kept in check. He should have been removed from power in

I am from the US and I support my country's government leaders as well as
their decisions. I have concerns that some other countries' leaders were so
opposed to our actions but I believe our bombing is a result of the Iraqi's
breaking the rules they had agreed to follow. I don't enjoy seeing anyone
killed not even the bad guys. But I have to think that if the roles were
reversed and Saddam was in our shoes and our leaders were in his shoes then
Saddam would be making the same decisions or harsher decisions even than the
US and Britain have made. Regardless I support my country's and Britain's

What's the alternative? Cosy up and let Iraq enlarge the parameters of
defiance? A lot of people have short memories of what a bastard Saddam
Hussein is.

Why was Iraq not warned?

We cannot possibly let Saddam think that he can go back to the old ways. The
safety of our pilots is of paramount importance.

I feel it is necessary to keep Iraq under control and stop it lashing out
again in the future. I also think our first mistake was leaving an enemy
behind after the war's end. Since Iraq surrendered under sactions, if Saddam
doesn't follow them then they must be enforced. If we don't enforce them
then who will. If no one does enforce them then what will Iraq do next?

Unless international consent to bombing is unanimous we run the increasing
risk of being seen as aggressors rather than peacekeepers.

They were warned; we can't sit back and do nothing.

It is not suprising that the nations opposed to this action are owed
considerable amounts of money by Iraq.

Is bombing an act of war? Is Iraq not a soverign territory? Are we insane?

Aligning Britain with capitalist reactionary USA will do nothing for the Bri
tish people except to bring down on them the wrath of the Muslim nations.
Britain can expect more reprisals, an increase in the price of oil and
exclusion from Europe if this stupidity is continued.

Yes, but only if they bomb Israel too. There can't be one rule for Iraq and
another for Israel as both nations are subject to UN resolutions.

Yes, but only in areas where Iraqi military defences can damage Allied
patrols of the northern and southern no-fly zones. And France should stop
whining and support the UK and US. Their perpetual criticism is disgraceful
and indicative of French politicians bitter and spiteful attitiude towards

Absolutely not. It is none of Britain's business to be flying over Iraq in
the first place. The latest US and UK action is just Big Brother stepping in
yet again to look after Israel's interests in the region.

I fail to see how the US can claim the authority to bomb Iraq. It is their
country and they are entitled to have their own totalitarian government evil
as it may be.

Very unwise in the current circumstances. Saddam needs to be contained by a
broad coalition and this action damages that prospect.

It is monstrous that five thousand children die each month due to the US
imposed sanctions. There are countless UN Security Council Resolutions that
go unenforced eg Israel's ten-year occupation of S Lebanon; Israel's illegal
occupation of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights
which were all seized by force in 1967 in contravention of public
international law . The no-fly zones have never been validated by the UN.
Imagine the US declaring that the UK could not fly planes in the south or in
Scotland. It is a violation of the sovereignty of another nation. The US is
acting like a bully and no one has the integrity or the courage to speak out
against this monstrous injustice and wrong.

No, they should aid Arab nations to replace the regime.

It is time to turn our back on America and focus on our new European allies.

A job half done is the sign of a bad craftsman.

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