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Re: Constructive campaigning

Title: Re: Constructive campaigning
As I see it there is one weapon we have - to ask ever MP or campaigner who sends a leaflet, knocks on the door what their position is on sanctions and bombings of Iraq - and then make one;s felings clear. 'we the people' vote (or don't)for them and pay their salaries. best felicity a.  

From: "Antony Nelson" <>
To: <>
Subject: Constructive campaigning
Date: Wed, Feb 28, 2001, 10:26 am

I do agree that any statement should be a statement of fact but, more then this I am begining to question what can be acheived by challenging the sanctions and the bombing useing argument. People have a nasty tendancy to be stuborn MP's included and I suspect that most arguments serve only to reinforce the pro sanctions position which they (are told) to hold.
The main problem which I see is that the MP's are so full of self importance that they no longer see a world populated by people but rather a world populated by MP's. So it is perfectly acceptable for them to criple and bomb a country since the only people who are important to them are the political leaders who reside there.
The big question is how to demostrate to a politician that the people of the world are far more important then the politicians.     

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